Polymer Clay Dollmaking Supplies

I've received emails from quite a few artists and crafters who are very interested in making polymer clay dolls after checking out my review for Creating a Faery Figure with Wendy Froud, and are having a hard time finding some of the polymer clay supplies.

Many craft stores carry polymer clay, but it can be difficult to find the good dollmaking polymer clay in flesh tones. I've provided links below to purchase some polymer clay dollmaking equipment and supplies from various online vendors.
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AMACO Polymer Clay & Craft Oven

AMACO Polymer Clay & Craft Oven. Photo Courtesy Price Grabber Copyright 2011 Used With Permission

If you are serious about adding polymer clay to your arts and crafts business, you shouldn’t be ‘cooking’ the clay in the same oven in which you prepare food to eat.  An ideal solution is this low profile countertop oven that heats up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and has a 30-minute timer.

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Polymer Clay Carver Tools

Polymer Clay Carving Tools. Photo Courtesy Price Grabber Copyright 2011 Used With Permission
Four-piece set of carving tools to shape and smooth polymer clay. These are double-ended polymer clay carvers fabricated from stainless steel.
Super Sculpey is used by movie animation studios and professionals worldwide for dollmaking. It will bake hard in your home oven and once cool it can be sanded, drilled, carved and painted. It is available in three different flesh tones.
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Cernit Polymer Clay for Doll Making

Cernit Polymer Clay. Photo Courtesy Price Grabber Copyright 2011 Used With Permission
Fine polymer clay porcelain finish that is easy to form into doll head and body parts. It hardens after baking at 265 degrees Farhenheit for 15 to 20 minutes. Cernit polymer clay is phthalate-free and comes in many different flesh tones.
Brunette Mohair Doll Hair. Photo Courtesy Jeanette Roberts Bloomingdale Farm Angoras Copyright 2011 Used With Permission

Bloomingdale Farm has gorgeous mohair doll making hair which they harvest from angora goats. The image on this page shows the brunette color. However, they carry a wide selection of mohair locks in other realistic colors ranging from black to blonde.

Disclaimer from the Bloomingdale Farm website: Please note: angora goats are not harmed when their hair is harvested, any more than you are harmed when you have a haircut. In fact, it's important to their health to have their hair shorn periodically. More »

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Doll Reader Magazine

Doll Reader Magazine Cover. Photo Courtesy Price Grabber Copyright 2011 Used With Permission

Doll Reader magazine provides useful info on dolls and doll making including antique, vintage and modern dolls.  The magazine also provides crafting tips, tutorials, doll artist profiles and keeps you up-to-date on the the Doll of the Year® (DOTY®) Awards Program.  Since Haute Doll bit the dust, Doll Reader is one of the best doll trade magazines. 

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Doll Making from Concept to Construction by Susanna Oroyan

Designing the Doll: From Concept to Construction. C&T Publishing

A superior book about doll making covering topics from concept to construction. Spanning design in many different materials, it also provides stellar information about making armatures. Due to this fact, those working in paper mache and polymer clay will also find this book very valuable.

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Doll Heads. © Dejan Veljkovic | Dreamstime.com

Another great online resource for dolls is the Art Doll website. The link above takes you to the ProSculpt polymer clay page which comes in four different flesh tones.  However, check out the left-hand menu bar. A pretty comprehensive array of all sorts of doll making supplies from armatures to eyes to shoes and more!  More »