List Of Existing Pool Leagues - And How To Improve Pool Leagues

Here's Pool League Wisdom And Selections For Your Perusal

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Pool leagues rule, dude!. Photo courtesy of Full House Images/Getty Images

This list of established pool leagues comes with my recommendations for improving local and national billiards and pool leagues.

Established/Strong Pool Leagues List:

    On the above list, ACS and TAP promote their players' interest the best while BCA provides an outstanding rule set.

    Pool Leagues - Some Sage Advice

    One aspect of pool leagues most players finds troubling lies in sandbagging. Simply put, the sandbagger plays bad pool intentionally for some weeks or months in league to increase their handicap rating against all opponents, only to "suddenly" improve to win the pool league or tournament they've entered at the last moment in a "surprise" upset victory.

    Sandbaggers rank with lower life forms such as bacteria and viruses in most players' opinions. Sandbagging can be lifted by following a team format looking at wins/losses more so than individual scoring. (See below.)

    And please take it from me, as someone who has battled in numerous pool leagues - often successfully - and as a billiards administrator, tournament emcee, and organizer who has directed numerous pool leagues...

    most leagues around the nation need to reform to get more players to commit and to return more dollars to the pool league members.

    Simply put, a few of the larger league organizations organizing pool in their state or nationwide are returning most of the dollars contributed back to the players as prizes, trophies and reward trips to regional playoffs.

    While others are keeping 85% of league dues for kickbacks to local halls (or mostly, to fatten their own corporate coffers). Digusting!

    **For Room Owners - Try This Type Of Pool League**

    Here are some tips to add fun and profit to your pool leagues for the benefit of the members, and ultimately, for increased participation, which makes the room owners happy. How would you feel reading the following ad we recently posted for a new league?

    ** As mentioned in previous emails, this league has 20 players so far (and if we have 30 or more players) it will be sanctioned by the American CueSports Alliance (ACS) Pool Leagues Operator.

    This will be a CASH league, with a payout at season's end... no weekly fees leave town!

    All league members are automatically qualified for national, international and state ACS events! ACS pool leagues use World Standardized Billiards Rules: No slop, no "marking the pocket", etc.

    Our pool leagues format uses a very simple and fair scoring and handicap system... no arbitrary raising of individual averages, no counting of misses, safeties, etc! This system discourages sand-bagging!

    If you'd like to play in smoothly run and fairly run pool leagues, with great cash payouts (with every 8 teams we can pay $1,000 for first place, and much more), please contact us at...

    If we have enough players to be sanctioned, Pechauer cues will donate a $350 cue to be awarded in a drawing among all league members!

    ...Arrive one hour early for free practice time...etc.

    We further mixed our local pool leagues with out-of-the-box, exciting weekly tournaments across a variety of formats:

    Women's and Men's 8-Ball Singles the first two weeks each month

    Women's and Men's Scotch Doubles (8-Ball) the second two weeks

    Men's Rotation Tournaments (for months with a fifth weekend in them)

    **Pool Leagues - Here's An Easy Way To Make "Micro" Pool Leagues**

    We recently created a "mini-league" for just six players wanting regular competition. Besides the payoff to the local hall for table space, each of the players must pay just $5 weekly:

    As of now we'll have six players for our singles league.

    Each paying $5 into the kitty weekly is $30 for a total of $300 after ten weeks of play. Pool league's winner gets $100
    2nd Place overall: $75
    3rd Place: $50
    4th: Place: $25
    5th: $25
    6th: $25

    Total payout, $300 ($50 per player for ten weeks of pool league competition)

    Tentative starting averages for handicap purposes:
    Joey Buttafcuo 10, Marty Short 8, Mason Storm 8, Angelina Jolie 6, Billy Budd 5, Jerry Seinfeld 5.

    Each match is 10 games of Eight Ball; if Joey Buttafcuo plays Martin Short, Martin gets a handicap of 2 per game or 20 balls for the match.

    Standings based on matches won, handicap based on average per game.