Pope Benedict I

Pope Benedict I
Portrait of Pope Benedict I from The Lives and Times of the Popes by Artaud de Montor. Public Domain

Pope Benedict I was known for:

Guiding his flock through difficult times when Italy was beset by Lombard invasions.


Places of Residence and Influence:

Important Dates:

Elected pope: July, 574
Consecrated pope: June, 576
Died: July 30, 579

About Pope Benedict I:

Very little information on Benedict is available. It is known that he was a Roman and that his father's name was Boniface. He was elected not long after the death of John III in July of 574, but due to difficulties in communication caused by the incursions of the Lombards, it wasn't until June of 575 that his election was confirmed by Emperor Justin II.

One of the few acts Benedict is recorded to have made was to grant the estate Massa Veneris to Abbot Stephen of St. Mark's. He also made at least fifteen priests and three deacons, and consecrated twenty-one bishops. One of the men he raised to the status of deacon was the future Pope Gregory the Great

Famine raged in Italy on the heels of the Lombard invasion, and it is assumed that Benedict died in an attempt to cope with this problem. Benedict was succeeded by Pelagius II.

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Pope Benedict I
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