Pope Leo III

Pope Leo III
Pope Leo III. Public Domain

Pope Leo III was also known as:

Charlemagne's Pope

Pope Leo III is noted for:

crowning Charlemagne Emperor and establishing the precedent that only the pope could confer the imperial crown. Leo was also physically attacked in the streets of Rome by supporters of his predeccessor.

Occupation & Role in Society:


Places of Residence and Influence:


Important Dates:

Elected pope: Dec. 26, 795
Attacked: April 25, 799
Died: June 12, 816

About Pope Leo III:

Rather than keeping the papacy independent of secular authorities, Leo deliberately took steps to ally with Charlemagne and his growing empire. Attacked in the streets of Rome by supporters of his predecessor's nephew, Leo sought the aid of Charlemagne and eventually crowned him emperor, establishing an important precedent. As pope, Leo was adept in diplomacy and managed to keep his Carolingian allies from exerting any real influence on matters of doctrine. He died in 816.

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