Poseidon's Loves and Their Children

The Names of the Mates and Children of Poseidon

Neptune and Amphitrite Mosaic
Neptune (Poseidon) and His Wife Amphitrite - Mosaic. Public Domain. Courtesy of Wikipedia

The Greek god of the sea, Poseidon, brother of the gods Zeus and Hades, and the goddesses Hera, Demeter, and Hestia, was associated not just with the sea but with horses. The following is a list some of Poseidon's mates and the children or other offspring they created.

  • Amphitrite (a Nereid) Offspring: Triton
  • Medusa (the woman whose hair was snakes and who turned men to stone) Offspring: Pegasus (famous flying horse), Chrysaor
  • Demeter (or an Erinys or an Harpuia) Offspring: Areion (Adrastos' horse)
  • Thoosa (daughter of Phorkys) Offspring: Polyphemus
  • Iphimedeia Offspring: The Aloadai (Otos and Ephialtes)
  • Tyro Offspring: Neleus and Pelias
  • Periboia (daughter of Eurymedon) Offspring: Nausithoos (father of Alkinoos)
  • Amymone (the fiftieth Danaid) Offspring: Nauplios
  • Pitane Offspring: Euadne
  • Euryale Offspring: Orion
  • Aithra??? Offspring: Theseus (possibly)

Source: Timothy Gantz' Early Greek Myth

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