Powerful Queens of the 12th Century

Three Powerful Women

The 15th and 16th centuries are known for having many queens in Europe including Isabella I of Castile, Mary I of England, Queen Elizabeth I of England and Mary, Queen of Scots, but in the 12th century, these three women were powerful rulers. The civil unrest accompanying their lives added to the presumption that it was dangerous for women to rule.
Rulers of Leon and Castile - 12th Century Frescoes - San Isadoro Basilica, Leon, Spain
12th Century frescoes showing rulers of Leon and Castile, San Isadoro Basilica, Leon, Spain. Getty Images / Luis Castaneda Inc.
She inherited Urraca's second marriage was intended to unite into a single Spain the separate kingdoms of León, Castile and Aragon. The marriage was not successful and many blamed the civil war that followed on her being a woman ruler. She was queen regnant from 1109 to 1126 in León, Castile and Galicia. More »
Empress Matilda
The Empress Matilda hears the plea of Matilda of Boulogne, wife of Stephen of Blois who had usurped England's throne and whom the Empress' forces had captured. Getty Images
As her tomb inscription notes, she was the daughter, wife and mother of three Henry's. She was designated as the heir of her father, Henry I, King of England, but her cousin usurped the throne and civil war followed. Matilda (also called Maud) briefly prevailed over her cousin in 1141, but was never crowned. More »
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Depiction of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Hulton Archive/The Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty Images

 Though she was queen consort to kings first of France then of England, she was the ruler in her own right (1137 - 1204) of the vast duchy of Aquitaine. She supported a rebellion of her sons against their father, and her husband, Henry II of England, imprisoned her when he defeated the rebels. More »