7 Ways to Use PowerPoint as a Study Aid

PowerPoint is a presentation software developed by Microsoft Corporation. Although the program was designed for creating presentations, it has evolved into a great tool that can be used for many other purposes. By adding sounds and other special features, you can create fun, interactive study tools, like games and quizzes. This is great for all learning styles and grade levels.

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Make an Animated Map Quiz

If you’re studying geography or history and you know you’ll be facing a map quiz, you can create your own pre-test version in PowerPoint. The result will be a video slide show of the map with a recording of your own voice. Click on the locations and hear the site name as the words appear on screen. This is a great tool for all learning styles. Auditory learning is enhanced as this tool enables you to see and hear names of map locations simultaneously.

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Use a Story Template

Are you required to create a school presentation on your summer vacation? You can find a story template for that! You could also use a story template to write a short story or a book. You’ll have to download the template first, but once you’ve done that, you’ll be on your way!

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Edit Images and Illustrations

Your papers and research projects can always be enhanced with pictures and illustrations, but these can be tricky to edit. Many people don’t know that recent versions of PowerPoint are great for manipulating images for your research papers and reports. You can add text to an image, change the file format of an image (jpg to png for example), and white out the background of an image using PowerPoint. You can resize photos or crop out unwanted features. You can also turn any slide into a picture or a pdf.

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Create a Learning Game

You can create a game show-style study aid to enjoy with your friends. By using linked slides with animation and sound, you can create a game designed for multiple players or teams. This is a great way to learn in study groups. You can quiz each other and play game show host with questions and answers. Pick someone to keep score and provide prizes for winning team members. Great idea for class projects!

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Create a Narrated Slide Show

Are you very nervous about speaking to an audience during your class presentation? If you’re already planning to use PowerPoint for your presentation, why not record your own voice beforehand to create a narrated show? When you do this, you can appear more professional

cut down on the actual time you have to speak in front of the class. You could also use this feature to add sounds or background music to your presentation.

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Learn Multiplication Tables

You can create a quiz for multiplication problems using this template create by Wendy Russell, the Guide to Presentation Software. These templates are easy to use and they make learning fun! Quiz yourself or study with a partner and quiz each other.

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