(ppp) Pianississimo

Pianississimo is seen as ppp in piano music. Image © Brandy Kraemer


Pianississimo refers to dynamics, and is an indication to play as softly as possible; softer than pianissimo.

Pianississimo is signified by at least three p’s, and can be seen with as many as ppppp. Dynamics deal with relative changes in volume rather than specify a precise amount of decibels, so a song already played in piano might need a few extra p’s to express a decent pianississimo.

See fortississimo.

Also Known As:

  • extrêmement doux, tout doucement (Fr)
  • ganz leise (Ger)

Pronunciation: pyahn'-ih-SEE-see-moe

Common Misspellings: pianissimo, pianisissimo, pianisissimmo