Practical Ways to Market Using a Podcast

Woman listening to podcast

 Podcasting and marketing are both broad topics. Many podcasters want tips on how to market their podcasts and grow their audiences. Many marketers love to expound on why podcasting is the best marketing tool since the long form sales letter. This article is about practical ways to market using a podcast. A strategy is a larger plan to achieve a goal. For instance, getting 100,000 subscribers may be a strategy for having a profitable email list, but using lead magnets to get subscribers or having a contest to generate interest are smaller scale tactics.

The word practical implies a day to day procedure, so this article will be focusing on more narrow marketing tactics that can be used in conjunction with a podcast.

Why Podcasts are Such a Wonderful Marketing Tool

Right now, content marketing is making a comeback even though it never really went away. Podcasting is just another form of content marketing. It is an extremely relevant form of content marketing that is easy to consume. Here are a few reasons why podcasts are the bomb of marketing strategies.

  • Easy to get started

  • Easy to consume

  • They are on our phones

  • They are in our cars

  • They are here to stay

  • Podcasts make it easier to connect on a personal level

  • Build relationships with influencers

  • Build a brand

  • Build an audience

  • Grow an audience

  • Medium for distraction free one on one time with audience

  • They are a way to add voice and emotion to a story

Sell a Physical or Digital Product

Having an audience of raving fans is a great way to sell a product.

Especially if there are multiple product offerings. Many of the common marketing tactics will overlap into one main strategy, but building an audience and driving traffic to your product is the main goal. Another nice thing about promotion using a podcast is that as the relationship builds, the trust will build which will make listeners much more likely to become buyers.

Here are a few tactics.

  • Subtle Promotion - Casually mention your product during the show

  • Pre-roll ads - Have ads at the beginning of the show

  • Mid-roll ads - Have ads in the middle of the show

  • Post-roll ads - Have ads at the end of the show

  • Ask them to visit your product page - Always have a call to action. Have a product page where visitors can buy, learn more, or subscribe to your email list

  • Use a mobile opt-in option - Tools like Leaddigits can capture mobile opt-ins to build your email list

  • Have a lead magnet on your show note page - Listeners and especially fans will check out the show notes page for links and further info have a button where they can buy, subscribe or learn more about your product

  • Have an effective email sequence - Once you have all of those subscribers, you can send them a series of emails that is hopefully useful, engaging, and can result in more product sales.

  • Kickstarter - If you are raising funds for a new product or a Kickstarter campaign, you can always generate excitement and interest for your campaign through your podcast

  • Retargeting - You can also target your previous website visitors using facebook ads and the retargeting pixel

Promote a Personal Brand or Website

Podcasts are a very good way to promote a person, brand or website.

When it comes to personal branding, a podcast is extremely effective. Listeners get to learn about who you are. In the process, they begin to feel like they know you and can trust you. This builds an audience. Having an audience can make promotion using social media very effective. This audience can also be leveraged when cross promoting with other influencers. Many of the above tactics can also be applied to promoting a personal brand or website. Here are some additional ideas.

  • Create a group, forum or mastermind group - Taking the reigns of a facebook group or a forum puts you in a leadership role which in turn helps promote you and your brand

  • Create value bombs - Give away ebooks and other helpful content to brand yourself as an expert

  • Be helpful - Solving problems will make people want to help you

  • Be a guest on other podcasts - By being a guest on other shows, you can brand yourself as an expert and leverage the existing audience of the show you are guesting on

  • Have influential guests on your show - Having great guests on your show can leverage both audiences and create wonderful cross-promotional opportunities

  • Add value - Give people a reason to stick around as a subscriber and visit your website

  • Be entertaining - This goes a very long way

Marketing is about getting eyes on you or your product. Standing out and being different are time tested marketing tactics, having a medium that is there with your audience in an unobtrusive way may be an even better strategy for employee marketing tactics.