Practice for the Redesigned SAT

 As of March 2016, the Redesigned SAT exam, with its eight key changes, new scoring system, and a wealth of new test questions, took center stage in the world of SAT testing. The old format of the SAT was last administered in January, 2016, so test prep that followed the old format is no longer relevant to the current test. Teachers, parents, and students: if you're using test prep materials based on the SAT of the past, you are doing yourself a disservice. The following test prep options can help you practice for the Redesigned SAT, so you're 100% ready the day of the test.  

As the test draws nearer, you'll have even more options than you do now. Currently, these three are the best out there. 

Decisions, decisions. Which type of test prep is right for you?

Khan Academy
Khan Academy

The Khan Academy, with input from the College Board itself, is  providing FREE SAT practice for the Redesigned SAT. FREE. And you get the motherload, too:

  • 4 official full-length practice tests
  • Study and test-taking tips for each practice test
  • 8 diagnostic quizzes to help you pin-point your weaknesses and focus your study
  • thousands of practice questions, video lessons and hints
  • Constant feedback and monitored progress so you know how you're doing.

If you haven't signed up yet, you need to sign up for it NOW. It's top-quality SAT prep and you pay literally zero for it. No one has an excuse to bomb the SAT with this kind of free practice out there just waiting for you to utilize it. More »

Kaplan Test Prep Logo

With Kaplan, your practice for the Redesigned SAT will not be free, but you can guarantee that it'll be good. In fact, Kaplan will guarantee it! They offer one of the best money back guarantees in the business. Here are a few of the programs they offer. Choose one, or customize one of your choice:

  • Premier Tutoring: over 20 hours of one-on-one tutoring
  • Unlimited Test Prep: with 10 proctored exams, 16 additional tests for more practice, mobile access to everything PSAT, ACT and SAT
  • Classroom courses with 18 hours of instruction, 4 proctored exams, timed practice in class and mobile access to all of you prepwork.

The possibilities are virtually endless with Kaplan. And yes, although, you'll pay for your Redesigned SAT practice, you'll get your money's worth and more with this option.  More »

Princeton Review

The Princeton Review, known for its value in test prep, can get you ready for the Redesigned SAT, too! You can choose to prep online or face-to-face with a class, a small private group, or one-on-one with a tutor. Some of the standard options:

  • Ultimate: 25 hours of live instruction, 4 proctored Redesigned SAT tests,  video-based lessons, drills, and hundreds of additional practice questions
  • Semi-Private: This is the same offering as the Ultimate class, but in a group of four, max, instead of a group of 12 or more.
  • Fundamentals: 15 hours of live instruction, 4 proctored tests, and again, the same access to the video-based lessons, drills and practice questions.
  • Private tutoring: SAT tutoring options are out there, too, but you'll need to call The Princeton Review to go through those packages. 
More »

4 Things To Consider Before Choosing a Test Prep Company

Before you give any test prep service a shot, there are some things you need to think about. Start with the reviews, keeping in mind that EVERY test prep company will have a disgruntled customer or two because that's just how life works. If the reviews are generally good, then move on to the next three.
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