Practice in Using Capital Letters

An Editing Exercise

The first three rows contain all except one of the capital letters in English. See if you can spot the missing letter.

After reviewing our Guidelines for Using Capital Letters, test your editing skills with this exercise.


In the following sentences, some words need to be capitalized, and some words that are capitalized should be in lower case. Correct the capitalization errors, and then compare your answers with those below.

  1. During first-year orientation, my Brother registered for classes in Psychology, Spanish, Biology, and English.
  1. The Avengers, long awaited by fans of the Comic Book, assembled several superheroes in one movie: iron man, captain america, the hulk, thor, hawkeye, and black widow.
  2. In the Spring of 2012, I graduated from Hollywood high school in Los Angeles, California.
  3. One of the World's richest people is mayor Michael Bloomberg, Founder of Bloomberg L.P.
  4. The man in the hawaiian shirt drove a Chevrolet Corvette Sports Car with expired Texas License Plates.
  5. The New York times reported that scientists had deciphered a sequence of the dna of Molecular Biologist James Watson.
  6. In 1610, German Astronomer Johannes Kepler observed that two Moons orbit the planet mars.
  7. Following the setting Sun, we drove West on interstate 80.
  8. On memorial day, I visited Arlington national cemetery with my Father.
  9. One of the most memorable instances of Product Placement in sports occurred at the 1999 fifa Women's World Cup when Brandi Chastain removed her shirt to reveal a nike sports bra.

    Quiz Responses

    Here (in bold) are the answers to the exercise above.

    1. During first-year orientation, my brother registered for classes in psychology, Spanish, biology, and English.
    2. The Avengers, long awaited by fans of the comic book, assembled several superheroes in one movie: Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, and Black Widow.
    1. In the spring of 2012, I graduated from Hollywood High School in Los Angeles, California.
    2. One of the world's richest people is Mayor Michael Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg L.P.
    3. The man in the Hawaiian shirt drove a Chevrolet Corvette sports car with expired Texas license plates.
    4. The New York Times reported that scientists had deciphered a sequence of the DNA of molecular biologist James Watson.
    5. In 1610, German astronomer Johannes Kepler observed that two moons orbit the planet Mars.
    6. Following the setting sun, we drove west on Interstate 80.
    7. On Memorial Day, I visited Arlington National Cemetery with my father.
    8. One of the most memorable instances of product placement in sports occurred at the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup when Brandi Chastain removed her shirt to reveal a Nike sports bra.