A Prayer to Be Said by Young Men

To St. Aloysius Gonzaga

The Vocation of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga

The life of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, the patron saint of youth, is a strong example of virtue for young men. This prayer acknowledges the trials and tribulations that young men face and asks Saint Aloysius to intercede for them.

A Prayer to Be Said by Young Men (to St. Aloysius Gonzaga)

O most glorious Saint Aloysius, who hast been honored by the Church with the fair title of "angelic youth," because of the life of utmost purity thou didst lead here on earth, I come before thy presence this day with all the devotion of my mind and heart. O perfect exemplar, kind and powerful patron of young men, how great is my need of thee! The world and the devil are trying to ensnare me; I am conscious of that ardor of my passions; I know full well the weakness and inconstancy of my age. Who shall be able to keep me safe, if not thou, O saint of angelic purity, the glory and honor, the loving protector of youth? To thee, therefore, I have recourse with all my soul, to thee I commit myself with all my heart. I hereby resolve, promise, and desire to be especially devout toward thee, to glorify thee by imitating thy extraordinary virtues and in particular thy angelic purity, to copy thy example, and to promote devotion to thee among my companions. O dear Saint Aloysius, do thou guard and defend me always, in order that, under thy protection and following thy example, I may one day be able to join with thee in seeing and praising my God forever in heaven. Amen.

An Explanation of the Prayer to Be Said by Young Men

St. Aloysius Gonzaga died at the age of 23, yet in his short life he burned bright with the Faith. In this prayer, young men recall Saint Aloysius's virtues and devotion to Christ and ask for his intercession to imitate him in the Faith. Our own lives are not singleminded in devotion but tossed about by our emotions and desires; but in imitating Saint Aloysius, we can grow in the Faith by following his example.

Definitions of Words Used in the Prayer to Be Said by Young Men

  • Glorious: worthy of admiration
  • Hast: have
  • Fair: just or appropriate
  • Angelic: of the angels; like the angels
  • Utmost: the greatest, most extreme
  • Thou: You (singular, as the subject of a sentence)
  • Didst: did
  • Thy: Your
  • Devotion: love, especially manifested as religious observance
  • Exemplar: the best example, the perfect model
  • Patron: someone who supports or aids another person; in this case, a patron saint
  • Thee: You (as the object of a preposition)
  • Ensnare: to trap
  • Ardor: enthusiasm, depth (of passions)
  • Passions: intense emotions or desires
  • Inconstancy: faithlessness, undependability
  • Recourse: to approach as a source of help, in this case through prayer
  • Hereby: through this action (this prayer)
  • Resolve: to set one's mind and will on something
  • Devout: committed
  • Glorify: to praise; to acknowledge as worthy of praise