Prayers for a Deceased Pet

Saying Goodbye to a Loved Companion

Say goodbye to a beloved pet with a special prayer in his honor. Image © Getty Images

When a family loses a pet, it's hard. After all, chances are good that your pet was with your family for a while -- we love our pets, and it's hard to say goodbye. Many people have a funeral or memorial service for their lost pet. If you do, you may want to use one of these prayers as part of your service.

  • Prayers for a Deceased Cat: Cats were once worshiped as royalty, and they've never let us forget it. If your pet cat has crossed over, you may wish to offer up one of these prayers to honor her on the journey.
  • Prayers for a Deceased Dog: Dogs are loyal, trusting, and faithful companions. If your pet dog has crossed over, you may wish to offer up one of these prayers to honor him on the journey.
  • Prayer for a Deceased Pet Fish: Children in particular are attached to fish as pets, so when one crosses over, it can be hard. Say this prayer at a family ceremony for a deceased pet fish.
  • Prayer for a Euthanized Pet: It's hard enough to lose a pet you love, but when an animal has to be euthanized, it can be even worse. This prayer lets your pet know that you're letting them go out of love.
  • Hold a Pet Farewell Ritual: If your pet has passed away, you can hold this ritual in his or her honor, as a way of celebrating your pet's life.
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