Angel Prayers: Praying to Archangel Azrael

Pray for Help from Azrael, an Angel of Death and Transformation

Archangel Azrael
An image of Azrael from the painting "Six-winged Seraph (Azrael)" (1904) by Mikhail Vrubel. Public domain

Archangel Azrael, as an angel who helps with transformation in life and the transition of death to the afterlife, I thank God for making you a loving companion to help people navigate important changes in their lives.

Please show me the specific ways that God would like me to change so I can grow to become the kind of person he wants me to become. Reveal what character traits I should work to strengthen with God's help -- such as becoming more courageous, more joyful, or more forgiving.

Teach me how to develop those traits in greater measure by changing the thoughts, words, and actions that I choose on a regular basis.

Help me discover more about God's good purposes for my life, and motivate me to fulfill those purposes by setting the best priorities and basing my decisions on those priorities. Guide me to transform every part of my life -- from my relationships to my work -- so that it reflects what's most important from God's perspective.

When the circumstances of my life change in ways that cause me stress, help me learn whatever I can from the challenges I have to go through. Encourage me to trust God in situations that I can't understand, knowing that God sees everything from an eternal, unlimited perspective and that everything he allows me to go through ultimately accomplishes something good in my life. Help me open my mind and heart to God's work in me through the changes I go through, so I can be transformed in all of the ways that God intends for me to change and grow.

Inspire me to help other people I know who are going through significant changes in their lives and need support during the process.

Azrael, thank you for helping dying people and their grieving loved ones. As I reflect on how much I miss the people I've loved who have died, comfort me while I grieve and help me heal from the sorrow that their deaths have caused in my life.

Encourage me to place my hope in God in fresh ways every time I remember them. May we be reunited in heaven when it's my time to pass away.

When my earthly lifetime ends, please help me make the transition to the afterlife without fear. Urge me to start right now to build the kind of legacy I want to leave behind after I die, so the world will become a better place because I lived in it, and God will be pleased with the choices I made.

May I always remember that God's angels are with me as I go through all of the changes that life, and death, bring my way. Amen.

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