What is a Polar Shift?

Psychics and Prophets Predicted Polar Shifts Years Ago

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The Earth
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It's a balmy July weekend. The cicadas are buzzing in the trees as you flip hamburgers on the grill for a Saturday afternoon cookout. The kids are splashing and laughing in the pool, trying to keep cool in the 92-degree heat. Suddenly the air is still. The cicadas fall silent. A moment later the ground beneath you starts to rumble and shake. The kids stop their playing as they notice the water in the pool getting choppy.

The intensity of the quake increases and you are knocked off your feet. The kids scramble out of the pool, screaming as water sloshes in waves onto the surrounding deck.

A fierce wind races over you as you lie on your back on the shaking ground. You try to hold on to something... anything, feeling as if you're going to fly off the face of the earth itself. The sky and clouds are boiling above the violently swaying trees. Birds are being tossed around chaotically as they struggle to fly. Shadows darken and lengthen, and you watch the sun speeding across the sky to the horizon. The shaking stops in an instant and there's an eerie silence, broken only by the sobs of the frightened children. The day has turned to twilight. In a matter of seconds the sun has shifted from its high noon position to just a few degrees above the horizon in the southwest. A bitter, cold wind blows in... and it begins to snow.

That is what is would be like to experience a polar shift.

Psychic Predictions

A shifting of the Earth's poles has been predicted to occur in the near future by a number of psychics, including the renowned Edgar Cayce. This certainly is not a scientific prediction, but some scientists believe that it is at least possible that this could happen at some future date, and perhaps has happened many times in our planet's past.

Whether or not we could survive a physical shifting of the Earth's poles is open to debate; it could be much more cataclysmic than described above.

There are two ways of considering what is meant by a pole shift:

  • A geological or axial shift in which the Earth's crust literally slips around its molten core -- like a loose peel on an orange -- altering the positions of land masses with respect to the planet's rotation on its axis. This could happen by a few degrees or by many degrees. Antarctica could wind up at the equator and Miami could be the new North Pole. The effects on our civilization would be devastating.
  • A shift of the magnetic poles only. As it is, the Earth's magnetic north (the north that compasses point to) is not exactly the same as the true North Pole. This magnetic pole is not fixed and can move. In fact, scientists are fairly certain that it has shifted by as much as 180 degrees several times in the past. This change may be sudden or it may be gradual, taking place over hundreds or even thousands of years. The effects on life on the planet would probably be minimal, affecting perhaps the migratory or homing instincts of some animals.

Unfortunately (if you put stock in such things), Cayce was referring to a shift of the first type.

He wrote: "There will be upheavals in the Arctic and Antarctic that will cause the eruption of volcanoes in the torrid areas, and pole shift." And when asked what great change or the beginning of what change, if any, is to take place in the earth in the year 2000 to 2001 A.D, he replied, "When there is a shifting of the poles. Or a new cycle begins." Obviously, he missed the date, but it is interesting to note our current concerns over climate change and the drastic receding of Antarctica's glaciers and ice shelves.


Even extraterrestrials are warning us about an imminent pole shift, say extraterrestrial experts. They say that a polar shift will occur as part of the millennial transformation. First, a comet's tail will sweep the Earth, actually stopping the planet's rotation for a few days, resulting in violent lightning, wind, and firestorms .