Preparing to Be 'America's Next Top Model'

Tips on Preparing for 'Top Model'

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America's Next Top Model is one of the most popular and longest running reality competitions and every season thousands of girls audition to be on the show. If you want to be one of them, it takes preparation and planning. If you are serious about becoming the next top model, don't just show up at an audition or try out on a whim. Even though you might get chosen to be on the show, the odds will be stacked against you winning.

Instead, do yourself a favor and prepare by following these steps:

  1. Watch previous seasons. Before you even apply to be on the show, for the love of God, watch previous cycles of Top Model. This is essential, so you'll be familiar with reoccurring themes and challenges. If you can’t find reruns playing on TV, try Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, or fork out a few bucks for the DVD sets. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen contestants who appear completely stunned by routine challenges like posing nude, dangling from crazy heights or pretend or posing with male models.
  2. Read real fashion magazines. Look at the models, find some you like and find out more about them and their careers. Study their moves, their runway walks, their off-camera looks. Learn all you can about the industry before you get on the show and you'll show the judges you belong in fashion.
  3. Always know who you are wearing. Learn the names of at least two or three fashion designers that you like, so you can have an intelligent conversation and mention who your favorite designers are when you go through auditions. If you are wearing an outfit, check the label and know who designed it. You don’t have to wear couture; even Target sells clothes from top designers now. Even if it’s some hideous off-the-rack concoction, own it, respect it, and know who made it. At some point you will be asked, “Who are you wearing?” (Remember, accessories are important, too.)
  1. Get familiar with Cover Girl. One of the roles the America‘s Next Top Model winner must perform is to be the face of Cover Girl cosmetics. So do your research. Know Cover Girl's products, the kind of models they seem to prefer, what poses they use in their print ads, et cetera. Being commercial isn’t always a good thing on Top Model, but when it comes to Cover Girl, you’ve got to nail their brand of “commercial.”
  1. Practice, practice, practice. Practice makes perfect. So practice making different faces in the mirror—trying to convey different emotions with just your eyes and mouth. Learn what “smizing” is and “booty tooch.” Practice walking in heels. Try to pose like the models in fashion magazines—know what you have to tell your body to do in order to get into those awkward poses.

  2. Learn your lines. While you’re at it practice memorizing lines for commercials or acting roles. Not only will you be asked to learn lines for Cover Girl TV commercials, at least one other Top Model challenge each year revolves around TV appearances. Give yourself 30 minutes to learn lines and then deliver them to a friend or (even better) a video camera so you can see for yourself how you are coming across. Pretend you’re being interviewed, as well, because you will be, on camera, and if you’re like most women, you’ll flub it without practice.
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