Presidential Election Printables

Presidential election printables
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Every four years in the United States, eligible voters age 18 and older head to the polls to choose a new president or reelect the current president. The presidential election process is a long, somewhat complicated one that can be confusing for children and adults alike.

The first presidential election was held in 1789. George Washington, the only candidate, was elected to serve as our nation's first president. 

As of 2018, the United States has had 44 men serve as president, though Donald Trump is the 45th president. Grover Cleveland is counted twice because he served two non-consecutive presidential terms. 

These printable worksheets and activities for the classroom can help demystify the presidential election process for your students. 

Presidential Election Vocabulary

Use this worksheet to help your students begin to learn the terms associated with the presidential election. Some of them, such as caucus, are very unusual.

Students should use a dictionary to look up any unfamiliar terms. Then, fill in the blanks before each definition with the correct term from the word bank.

Presidential Election Wordsearch

Students can review the presidential election terms as they locate each in this word search puzzle. If they have trouble remembering any of the terms, students should use the vocabulary worksheet to review. 

Presidential Election Crossword Puzzle

This presidential election crossword is a fun way for your students to review terms associated with the presidential election. Each of the clues describes a term that they've previously defined. See if they can use the clues to correctly solve the puzzle without referring to their vocabulary worksheet.

Presidential Election Challenge

Once your students have begun to familiarize themselves with the presidential election terms, challenge them to test that knowledge with this multiple choice worksheet. Each question is followed by four possible answers. 

Presidential Election Alphabet Activity

With this activity, students will practice their ordering and alphabetizing skills while reviewing the terms associated with the presidential election. Students will write each term from the word bank in correct alphabetical order on the blank lines provided.

Presidential Election Draw and Write

Use this draw and write printable to encourage students to think creatively. This activity allows  them combine art and composition. They will draw a picture related to the presidential election. Then, students will use the blank lines to write about their drawing.

Fun with Presidential Election - Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-tac-toe is a fun way to hone critical thinking and strategy skills. This activity is also a great way for younger students to practice their fine motor skills.

Instruct students to cut this activity page at the dotted line. Then, they will cut the tic-tac-toe markers apart. Explain to your students that the donkey is the symbol of the democratic party and the elephant is the symbol of the republican party. For research practice, ask them to investigate to see if they can find out why each of these animals was chose to represent the two parties. 

Then, have fun playing Presidential Election Tic-Tac-Toe!

For best results, print on card stock. 

Presidential Election Theme Paper

Students can use this election-themed paper to write a story, poem or essay about the presidential election process. They should write a sloppy copy on regular paper, then, neatly copy their final draft on the presidential election theme paper.

Presidential Election Theme Paper 2

Student may prefer to use this theme paper as an alternate for writing a story, poem or essay about presidential election. Or they may want to use it for their rough draft, saving the colored paper for their final draft. 

Presidential Election Coloring Page

You may wish to use this presidential election coloring page as a quiet activity for your students to complete as you read aloud a book about the election process or a biography of an American president.

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