Pretty Little Liars Season 1: Cast and Guide to Episode 1 to 22

cast season 1 introduces us to the liars Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, and Emily Fields. We learn that they are not so much liars as secret keepers, though others seem to think they are lying. They are surrounded by mystery, death, and secrets.


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1x1 "Pilot" (OAD 6/8/10)

Pretty Little Liars Cast
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A year after Alison Dilaurentis disappeared, her 16 year old friends reconnect. Aria is just back from Iceland. Hanna, who used to be chubby and drab, is now the "It Girl" of Rosewood High. Emily connects with the girl, Maya, who moves in to Ali's old house. Spencer is still competing with her sister for approval.

They each receive a message signed "-A" that references something that they haven't even told each other. A secret that only Ali knew.

A body is found in the backyard of Maya's house after a renovation project and there is a funeral for Alison, after which the girls each get a text at the same time that says, "I'm still here, bitches, and I know everything. -A"

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1x2 "The Jenna Thing" (OAD 6/15/10)

At school, the girls are shocked when Jenna walks in. Jenna is blind, so Aria helps her over to eat lunch with them.  

Emily's mom invites Maya to spend the night and she sleeps in Emily's bed with Emily.

The girls remember "The Jenna Thing," which they had promised never to talk about again. Ali wanted to get back at Toby, who'd she said was peeping in the window. She threw a stink bomb in his garage, and it blew up, causing Jenna's blindness.

Aria tries to transfer out of Mr. Fitz's class, but is denied, and the two end up making out in his car.

Hanna is upset that her mother is sleeping with the cop that helped Hanna get out of trouble.

Spencer and Wren kiss and then Melissa kicks him out.

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1x3 "To Kill a Mocking Girl" (OAD 6/22/10)

Toby brings Jenna to school and the girls are shocked to see him. Spencer remembers Ali yelling at him shortly after the fire, and then Toby taking the fall for the fire.

Ben tries to force Emily into doing things she is not comfortable with, and Toby punches him. Emily kisses Maya in a photo booth, but the photos disappear.

Hanna tries to get Sean to sleep with her and he turns her down. She steals his car and then crashes it.

Aria meets Meredith and asks her not to come to her mother's art opening, but Meredith does anyway. Aria goes to Ezra's house.

Spencer sees Wren to ask him to explain what happened to her parents. Her paper is due so she gets Melissa's paper off Melissa's laptop and uses it.

They find Alison's bracelet in the woods.

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1x4 "Can You Hear Me Now?" (OAD 6/29/10)

Spencer gets the girls to block texts from everyone they don't know, but A still gets through when she dedicates a song to Hanna "from her bestie, A," on the radio. When Hanna takes Spencer home, they see a broken flower pot in the shape of a grave on the dining room table and find a message written in lipstick on Spencer's mirror. Spencer's teacher submits her stolen paper for a Golden Orchid Award.

Emily finds the picture of her and Maya in her chemistry book. Her new lab partner is Toby.

Wren comes to talk to Spencer's father, who is in New York. She and Wren have a moment while someone gets it on video.

Aria continues to see Ezra.

Hanna's father introduces his fiance and her daughter to Hanna.

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1x5 "Reality Bites Me" (OAD 7/6/10)

Hanna begins working at Sean's mom's dental office to pay off the damage she did to Sean's car. She sees Jenna in the building putting on the same color lipstick that was on the mirror at Spencer's. She finds out that Jenna is seeing a psychotherapist.

Toby asks Emily to meet him at the grill, but when she shows up, Spencer and Hanna are there, so she walks past him without saying anything and sits with the girls.

Ezra sees a text about him from A and gets mad at Aria for telling her friends. Aria says she didn't tell anyone, but he tells her to leave.

Spencer is forced to lose a game of tennis with her father's clients so that he can make the deal. Later, she meets up with one of the guys that works at the country club and they go out.

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1x6 "There's No Place Like Homecoming" (OAD 7/13/10)

Much to Maya's dismay, Emily goes to the homecoming dance with Toby. Spencer goes with Alex. Melissa tells him that Spencer is using him. Hanna goes with Sean, who is irritated because she keeps disappearing. Aria sees Ezra there and he tells her he could never hate her.

Hanna gets a ride from Lucas to the psychotherapist's office to look for Jenna's file, but can't find it. Instead she finds a file for Toby. Lucas gets her back to the dance and shows the file to Spencer and Aria, who immediately look for Emily. They don't know that Jenna was in the room while they were talking.

Emily is in the chem lab with Toby and he wants to tell her something. He scares her and she runs away.

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1x7 "The Homecoming Hangover" (OAD 7/20/10)

After Emily falls, Toby takes her to the hospital, drops her off, and leaves. Once she's home, the girls visit her and show her Toby's file. The three girls leave and throw the file in the river, where someone picks up the pages. Meanwhile, Jenna visits Emily and tells her she needs the file.

Sean is mad at Hanna and Hanna spends time with Lucas, but she and Sean make up.

Ella and Byron decide to split and Mike gets into a fight at school.

Spencer hangs out at the country club, which is closed for the day, and helps Alex with his work.

Emily sees a truck bring Toby's totalled motorcycle home while Jenna sits on the porch crying.

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1x8 "Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone" (OAD 7/27/10)

Emily asks Maya on a date and they go to the movies.

Hanna's credit card is declined and she finds out that her mother doesn't have much money. Lucas helps her sell some of her old bags online.

Aria goes out with Noel Kahn at Hanna's prodding, but she can't keep her mind on her date.

Jason DiLaurentis comes for the dedication of Ali's memorial. His parents don't come. He tells Spencer that Ali said Spencer threw the stink bomb that made Jenna blind. He takes over the plans for the service, including adding Jenna to the list of speakers. The girls are scared about what Jenna might say, but she doesn't say anything to incriminate them.

After the service, someone destroys the memorial.

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1x9 "The Perfect Storm" (OAD 8/3/10)

The girls go to school for their SATs and are trapped there when a storm hits. Alex's school is there as well. Spencer asks Alex what happened between him and her mother, but he says she has to ask her mother. Spencer's mother admits to having a lump removed from her breast and then getting drunk at the club and spilling her guts to Alex.

Aria and Noel have a moment and almost kiss, right as Ezra comes into the room. Aria tells Noel that she wants to go on a date.

Emily wasn't studying the night before with the girls, and Darren finds pieces of the memorial in her bag. She says she got there after it was destroyed. Emily remembers kissing Ali and then having Ali reject her.

Hanna tells Mona to lay off Lucas.

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1x10 "Keep Your Friends Close" (OAD 8/10/10)

The FBI is brought onto Alison's case and the girls see a video of Ali talking to a guy, but they can't see him and wonder who he is.

Toby sneaks up on Emily to tell her that when he broke up with Jenna, Jenna had threatened to tell everyone that they'd been together. Emily tells her friends, and they call the cops.

Spencer, Emily, and Aria go to Mona's party while Hanna watches from the woods, looking for A, after she is disinvited by Mona.

Ezra wants to see Aria, and Hanna sees them together. Then she sees A writing on the back window of Ezra's car. She texts the girls and they meet her in the parking lot, but she is hit by a car that then drives off, and Aria gets a text that Hanna knew too much.

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1x11 "Moments Later" (OAD 1/3/11)

Hanna wakes in the hospital and tells the girls that Noel Kahn is A. She saw him writing on Ezra's car.

Emily tells her parents that she's gay and her mother freaks out and says that Maya is trying to make her into something she's not.

Spencer takes Aria to see the tree that said Ali + Ian on it, but the tree has been cut down.

Lucas kisses Hanna when he thinks she is asleep and she says that they are just friends. Mona apologizes and they agree to be friends forever.

Spencer tells Hanna that they think A and Ali's killer are two different people, but then they see a message on Hanna's cast from A saying she's sorry she lost her temper.

In a weird dream-like state, Hanna sees and talks to Ali.

Melissa and Ian get married.

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1x12 "Salt Meets Wound" (OAD 1/10/11)

Hanna finds money hidden in a lasagna box and asks her mother about it. Her mother "borrowed" some from the bank where she works and intends to pay it back by the end of the year.

Mona throws Hanna a surprise welcome home party at her house and the money disappears.

Toby is let out on bail, but must stay at his house.

Maya comes to Emily's for dinner and while her father seems to like Maya, her mother definitely does not.

Noel tries to blackmail Ezra, but tells Aria that Ezra must have misunderstood.

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1x13 "Know Your Frenemies" (OAD 1/17/11)

Spencer sees an ovulation kit and Melissa admits that she is trying to get pregnant.

Emily's mom finds pot in Maya's bag and she is sent to juvie for 3 months. Before she leaves, the girls manage to sneak her into Spencer's room as a surprise for Emily.

Noel threatens Ezra, and Ezra decides to quit until campus police take Noel for cheating on three midterms.

A promises Hanna will get her money back if she eats 6 cupcakes.

Spencer and the girls go through Ian's boxes after Spencer realizes that Ian was at Hilton Head with Alison just before she disappeared. They don't find anything, but A leaves them the video of Alison that they'd seen before, only in this one, it shows Ian and off camera it sounds like Ian is choking Ali.

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1x14 "Careful What U Wish 4" (OAD 1/24/11)

Hanna gives Emily's phone to Caleb so that he can fix it so she can call Maya in rehab.

Spencer's laptop is missing and they suspect Ian. At the school dance-a-thon after calling Maya and getting drunk, Emily tells Ian that they know what he did. Spencer says that her friends know that she and Ian kissed last summer. He threatens her.

Aria's old babysitter comes for a visit and Ella hooks her up with Ezra. Aria gets jealous, but Ezra tells her that he is already in love.

Hanna tries to get a job, but can't and at the dance-a-thon, A pays her to dance with Lucas, which makes her feel terrible.

Spencer's laptop turns up, but the video is missing. Instead there is a picture of Alison telling them to watch their backs.

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1x15 "If at First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again" (OAD 1/31/11)

Spencer gets Aria tickets to an out-of-town art exhibit for her and Ezra to go to. He picks her up in a limo.

A writes to Hanna, telling her to expose Aria and Ezra to get her money. Hanna leaves Ella a ticket to the art exhibit, but Ella's car breaks down thanks to Caleb.

Jason comes back to town and apologizes to Spencer for being such a jerk. He tells her that he and Ian were good friends in high school.

Paige makes a homophobic comment to Emily, but Emily tells the swim coach it was no big deal.

Spencer goes to the bead shop to ask who bought the fake Alison bracelet. The owner says her name was Spencer Hastings. Spencer tells the others that she and Ali fought the night she disappeared.

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1x16 "Je Suis Une Amie" (OAD 2/7/11)

Aria discovers that her parents are having an affair with each other. She also finds out that Hanna gave her mother a ticket to the art exhibit where she had gone with Ezra.

Hanna and Aria find out that Caleb is living at the school. Hanna invites him to live in her basement.

Paige stops by Emily's to apologize and then does not show up for school the next day and the swim coach says that she'd had an accident.

Spencer tells Ian she won't be at practice and he assumes she's quitting the team. She begins to tutor Toby.

Melissa tells Spencer that she's pregnant.

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1x17 "The New Normal" (OAD 2/14/11)

Byron has a parent conference with Ezra, and Ezra is sure that Byron hates him, until Byron learns that when Ella is going to see an author with Ezra, it's not just the two of them, but a bunch of teachers.

Hanna lets Caleb live in her basement without her mother knowing. When Ashley begins dating the guy who claims to be the nephew of the woman Ashley "borrowed" money from, Caleb finds out that he's a fraud.

Emily and her mother reconcile after Paige's dad says that Emily got her spot as captain of the swim team because she is gay. Pam sticks up for Emily. Later, Paige comes to Emily's car and kisses her.

Toby tells Spencer that Jenna was talking on the phone about her and he wants to know the significance of 214, but she doesn't know.

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1x18 "The Badass Seed" (OAD 2/21/11)

Ezra takes on the school play and Aria becomes the stage manager, but when she slips and calls him Ezra, people notice. Ezra has a beer with Byron and learns that Aria is looking at colleges in California. He's mad at her, but they work it out.

When Caleb is in the shower, Hanna has to jump in with him when her mothers comes into the bathroom looking for a phone. Hanna doesn't talk to him much after that and he decides to move out.

The girls find a trophy of Ian's from Hilton head that looks like it has blood on it. They turn it into the police, but realize A set them up when it was determined to be rat blood.

The girls remember a frat party they crashed with Alison where a girl fell or was pushed down the stairs. At first they wonder if Ian had done it, but then they wonder if it was Alison.

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1x19 "A Person of Interest" (OAD 2/28/11)

Toby goes to a motel after he fights with Jenna. Spencer sees the bag that Ian gave Jenna in room 214. Inside is a note from A saying they are getting colder. Before Spencer leaves, Toby kisses her.

Paige and Emily go out. Emily says they can only be friends because she can't hide who she is anymore.

Aria tells Ezra what happened the night Jenna was blinded.

Ashley kicks Caleb out. He and Hanna camp out and sleep together. Ashely tells Caleb he can stay in the guest room. Caleb goes outside and makes a call saying he can't do it anymore.

Melissa tells Spencer that when Ian went to Hilton Head it was with her so that she could get an abortion.

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1x20 "Someone to Watch Over Me" (3/7/11)

The girls find out that Caleb has been working with Jenna to get information on Hanna and Hanna dumps him. Hanna slaps Jenna.

The police search Spencer's house and find fibers of Toby's sweater that Alison was wearing the night she died. Ian wants to help her run away and she realizes how convenient that would be for him.

Aria's parents find out that she has a boyfriend and are upset that she is so secretive about him.

Paige starts dating Sean, but tells Emily that she feels like a phony.

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1x21 "Monsters in the End" (OAD 3/14/11)

Caleb tells Hanna that Jenna paid him to look for a key, but he doesn't know what it's for. Hanna doesn't know of any key. Caleb goes to Arizona not knowing Mona threw away the note he left for Hanna.

Emily remembers Ali giving her a snow globe the day Ali went missing. She finds a key hidden in the base of the globe. It's for Raymond Plus Storage number 135.

Aria asks Ezra about a picture on his computer. He was engaged, but it didn't work out. After she leaves, Office Reynolds knocks on Ezra's door and says he needs to talk to him about one of his students.

In the storage unit, they find a flash drive in Ali's old lunch box. On it is video of them and they realize someone must have been spying for years.

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1x22 "For Whom the Bell Tolls" (3/21/11)

Garrett goes into Jenna's room and they embrace and kiss.

On a disposable phone, Spencer texts Ian that she has the video and to come to the park at 9. Spencer doesn't show at the park because she and Melissa were in an accident. At the hospital, Spencer finds out her sister is going to be okay, so she goes back to the church to find Melissa's phone.

Meanwhile, at the park, Garrett shows up and tells the girls to wait out of sight. But Ian has sent a messenger.

At the church, Ian tries to throw Spencer off the bell tower. As they struggle, someone in a hooded sweatshirt pushes Ian and he falls down the bell tower and is hanged.

The other girls come and they all see the body, but when the police come, the body is gone.

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