Printable Lab Safety Sign Quiz

Lab Safety Signs and Hazard Symbols

How well do you know lab safety signs and hazard symbols? Take this fun printable quiz to see if you can recognize potential dangers in the lab. You may wish to review the lab safety signs before starting.

Lab Safety Sign Quiz - Question #1

European Chemicals Bureau
The skull and crossbones is a classic warning sign, but can you name the type of danger?

(a) general danger from chemicals
(b) flammable materials
(c) toxic or poisonous materials
(d) dangerous to eat/drink, but otherwise safe
(e) this symbol isn't officially used (pirate ships don't count)

Lab Safety Sign Quiz - Question #2

Kricke (Wikipedia) based on the IAEA symbol.
Isn't this a great sign? You may not ever see this warning symbol, but if you do it would be in your best interest to know what it means.

(a) ionizing radiation
(b) get out while you still can, it's radioactive here
(c) dangerous high-powered ventilation
(d) toxic vapors
(e) potentially lethal levels of radiation

Lab Safety Sign Quiz - Question #3

European Chemicals Bureau
This symbol commonly is found in chemistry labs and on trucks carrying hazardous materials. What does it mean?

(a) acid, touching it will lead to what you see in the picture
(b) harmful to living tissue, touching it is a bad plan
(c) dangerous liquid, don't touch
(d) cut or burn hazard, both living and non-living material
(e) corrosive, no touchy-touchy

Lab Safety Sign Quiz - Question #4

Silsor, Wikipedia Commons
Hint: don't store your lunch in a refrigerator which displays this sign. It signifies:

(a) biohazard
(b) radiation hazard
(c) radiaoctive biological hazard
(d) nothing necessarily dangeous, just the presence of biological samples

Lab Safety Sign Quiz - Question #5

Torsten Henning
It looks like a pretty snowflake, but that yellow background is cautionary. What type of hazard does this symbol indicate?

(a) dangerous when frozen
(b) icy conditions
(c) low temperature or cryogenic hazard
(d) cold storage required (freezing point of water or below)

Lab Safety Sign Quiz - Question #6

European Chemicals Bureau
It's just a big X. What does that mean?

(a) don't store chemicals here
(b) potentially harmful chemical, usually an irritant
(c) do not enter
(d) just don't. general warning sign to be used to indicate a no-no or 'I know what you're thinking, don't do it.

Lab Safety Sign Quiz - Question #7

Torsten Henning
There might be a few reasonable interpretations for this sign, but only one is correct. What does this symbol indicate?

(a) breakfast bar, serving bacon and pancakes
(b) noxious vapors
(c) hot surface
(d) high vapor pressure

Lab Safety Sign Quiz - Question #8

European Chemicals Bureau
This symbol is often confused with a similar-looking symbol. What does it mean?

(a) flammable, keep away from heat or flame
(b) oxidizer
(c) heat-sensitive explosive
(d) fire/flame hazard
(e) no open flames

Lab Safety Sign Quiz - Question #9

Torsten Henning
This symbol means:

(a) you shouldn't drink the water
(b) you shouldn't use the faucet
(c) you shouldn't bring in drinks
(d) don't clean your glassware here

Lab Safety Sign Quiz - Question #10

Cary Bass
Unless you have been living in a hole for the past 50 years, you have seen this symbol. Actually, if you were in a hole the past 50 years, the hazard indicated by this symbol might have had something to do with it. This sign indicates:

(a) unguarded fan blades
(b) radioactivity
(c) biohazard
(d) toxic chemicals
(e) it isn't a real sign


1 c, 2 a, 3 e, 4 a, 5 c, 6 b, 7 c, 8 b, 9 a, 10 b