Printable Periodic Table and Periodic Table Wallpaper

High Resolution Periodic Tables

Periodic Table Wallpaper
This periodic table image can be downloaded to print or used as a desktop wallpaper. It is optimized for a 1920x1080 resolution. Todd Helmenstine,

You know how you can grow bored with the background on your desktop or mobile device? The periodic table wallpaper on my computer has been due for a refresh! Here are vibrant periodic table wallpapers for you, plus a printable periodic table with the same color scheme. These are high resolution images, created with an aspect ratio that resizes well. To download them, just click the link and save the image to your device. The element weights are the latest approved by the IUPAC, although in cases where the IUPAC has a range of weights, the latest accepted single value is listed. Let me know if you have any comments or requests for more tables or other chemistry-related images. Enjoy!

Periodic Table Wallpaper - This HD table is available on a white or black background or even on t-shirts and notebooks. 
More Printable Periodic Tables and Wallpapers

Note the tables available for download have all 118 elements and the latest facts. I upload new tables as the facts are updated, but they use the same color scheme.