TOEFL Grammar and Structure Practice Quiz

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Fill In The Blank

1. _____ his illness, John continued to play rugby.

  • Despite
  • Although
  • Even though

2. After many peace corps teachers return to the States, ___________ professional English teachers.

  • often they become
  • they often become
  • and often become

3. _______ that the American Indian crossed a land bridge into North America from what is now Russia.

  • It is considered
  • It is thought
  • It was thought

4. None of the students _____ a car.

  • has
  • have
  • have got

5. _______ the Depression, individual stock ownership was common in the United States.

  • It was during
  • By the time of
  • Because

6. Never before _____ as rapidly, as during the last three decades.

  • communications have developed
  • have communications developed
  • have developed communications

7. It is not yet clearly understood _________ cause obesity.

  • why eating too many hamburgers can
  • why can eating too many hamburgers
  • eating too many hamburgers can

8. The Eiffel Tower is ________ the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

  • as popular a tourist attraction than
  • as popular a tourist attraction as
  • as more popular a tourist attraction as

9. While most New Yorkers believe in ghosts, ______ do not.

  • are a few who
  • there are a few which
  • there are a few that

10. With his first painting 'Le Temple du Mordu', George Lesereaux _______ to establish himself as a master of pointillism.

  • could
  • with ability
  • was able

11. ______ Chinese is more difficult to learn than English.

  • It is certain that
  • Certain it is that
  • Certainly is

12. Thinker and poet, ___________ the Brinker prize for his poem 'Alexander' in 1976.

  • Claude Pinocchio was awarded
  • was awarded Claude Pinocchio
  • was awarded to Claude Pinocchio

13. Research now proves that eating fish and chips is healthier than _______

  • when eating hamburgers.
  • eating hamburgers.
  • to eat hamburgers.

14. It was ______ Johnny finally gave up.

  • such difficult that
  • so difficult that
  • so a difficult test that

15. __________, I would have returned it immediately.

  • If I knew that you wanted to read it
  • I had known that you wanted to read it
  • Had I known that you wanted to read it

16. In the 1990s, _________ its premium position in the world economy.

  • the USA returned
  • the USA returned to
  • the USA returning

17. ___________ in a home where two parents work is a difficult task indeed.

  • Children brought up
  • To bring up children
  • Bringing up children

18. There has not yet been any decision made _______ will represent the country at the Olympics

  • concerned athletes chosen
  • as to which athletes
  • those athletes

19. _____________, Shakespeare was also a prolific writer of sonnets.

  • Noting for his plays
  • Famous plays
  • Noted for his plays

20. The Concorde, which is ______________ jet, can reach New York from London is approximately 2 and 1/2 hours.

  • fastest in the world
  • the fastest of the world
  • the world's fastest

21. Scientists _____________ the existence of nano-technology capable of computation at the atomic level.

  • newly have developed
  • have recently developed
  • have still developed

22. ___________ is portrayed in Hermann Hesse's 'Steppenwolf'.

  • Man searching his soul
  • A man searched his soul
  • A man in search of his soul

23. Despite ____________, Jack continued to lose weight.

  • he increased his food intake
  • increasing food intake
  • increased food intake

24. Singer and entertainer, ____________ for his beautiful and expressive voice.

  • was Frank Sinatra famous
  • famous was Frank Sinatra
  • Frank Sinatra was famous

25. It is not only important to be on time, __________ courteous when replying to colleagues.

  • but also is it important being
  • but is it also important to be
  • but it is also important to be

26. __________ was this check written?

  • To who
  • Whom
  • To whom

27. Children attending private schools ____________ being slightly spoiled.

  • are often accused of
  • often accused
  • are often accused from

28. Diets based on only one basic food element ____________ no diet at all.

  • can be as ineffective than
  • can be as ineffective as
  • can be so ineffective than

29. ________________ that James Franklin made his stunning debut.

  • It was 'Lions'
  • It was in 'Lions'
  • 'Lions' it was

30. Considering human history, it ______________ using mass communications.

  • has recently been that man
  • is only recently that man has begun
  • only recently is that man has begun

31. That test was _________________ .

  • such difficult that I almost failed
  • as difficult that I almost failed
  • so difficult that I almost failed

32. 'Within Tuscany' ___________ Matthew Spender.

  • is written from
  • was written from
  • was written by

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