Printable Travel Bingo and Other Travel Games

Car Games That Can Be Played Orally or with Only Pencil and Paper

Travel Sign Games
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Family travel can be stressful, but it can also be a fantastic bonding experience. Reading, listening to audio books, or using electronics are all fun ways to pass the time, but take some time out for some family fun along the way, too.

Put away the books and electronics - or at least put them aside for part of the trip - and enjoy some of these old-school family travel games.

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Travel Bingo

Print the free travel bingo pages: Travel Bingo Page One and Travel Bingo Page Two. Each player gets a bingo card and marks off squares as he spots the signs pictured.

There are a few options for using the cards.

Option 1: Print off multiple pages and use a pen or pencil to cross out the signs as they are located.

Option 2: Print off enough pages for each player. Give players a clipboard on which to place the page and reusable markers such as coins or buttons to place on the squares as each sign is spotted.

Option 3: Print the pages and laminate them (card stock works best for this option) or place each sheet in a page protector. Let players use dry erase markers to cross out each square as the signs are spotted. When the game is over, wipe off the bingo pages and reuse.

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The Alphabet Game

Look for the letters of the alphabet on street signs, billboards, license plates, bumper stickers, and logos on passing trucks and cars.

Letters must be found in order and only one letter can be used from a single source. 

This game came be played cooperatively or competitively. To play cooperatively, the entire family works together to locate the letters. Play ends when all letters have been found.

To play competitively, each player locates his own letters. The rule about using only one letter from a single source still applies. Play ends when one player locates all of the letters. 

If you play competitively, you may wish to stipulate that each player can only find letters from objects on his or her side of the car.

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The License Plate Game

See how many states you can find represented in the license plates on the vehicles of your fellow travelers. You can keep track mentally, make a list on paper, or use a map to mark off each state as you spot its license plate.

Alternately, you can tally how many states you find represented in the license plates you encounter. For this version, you will probably want to exclude the state through which you are traveling.

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​I Spy

The player whose turn it is selects an object for other players to guess. When traveling, make sure it's something you're not going to pass before the other players can make their guesses.

The object could be something in the car, the sky, or a vehicle up ahead.  

In turn, each player states, "I spy with my little eye something..." The phrase ends with a one-word clue about the chosen object such as a color, shape, or other physical characteristic.

The other players must then try to correctly identify the object.

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Twenty Questions

Players take turns trying to guess what one player is thinking by asking only yes or no questions.

The first person thinks of a person, place, or thing. Each player gets to ask one yes or no question. After asking his question, the player may try to guess what the first person is thinking of or he can allow play to pass to the next person.

If the player makes a correct guess , it becomes his turn to think of something for the other players to guess. 

If he is incorrect or chooses not to guess, the next player gets to ask a question. Each player can ask only one question and make only one guess in his turn.

Play continues until the person, place, or thing has been correctly identified or until twenty questions have been asked with no successful guesses.

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The Name Game

Players choose a category such as animals, places, or famous people.The first player names something from that category. The next player must then name something else from that category that begins with the last letter of the object the previous player named.

For example, if the category is "animals," Player One may name a bear. Bear ends with an r, so Player Two names rabbit. Rabbit ends with a t, so Player Three names a tiger.

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