Printables to Help with Numbers and Counting Concepts

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Flashcards can support number skills in kindergarten math. These free printable flashcards include number cards, number cards with words, number cards with dots, and dot-only cards. The dot cards help to support the concept of subitizing, the ability to know the number of objects by looking at a grouping.

Think of the pips (dots) on a dice. Without counting five, you automatically know by the configuration that there are five pips on that side of the dice. Subitizing speeds the process of identifying quantity in numbers and is an important concept in kindergarten and the first grade.

Longlasting Materials

Make these free number flashcards last longer by printing them on card stock and then laminating them. Keep these handy and use them for a few minutes daily.

As time goes on, you'll be able to use these cards for simple addition as well. Simply hold up a card and when the child states what it is, hold up a second card and say, "And how many more is...?

Flashcards for Number Recognition

Number Cards 1 to 20
Number Flash Cards. D. Russell

Print the PDF: Flashcards for Number Recognition

When children are just learning to count, try these number cards. These flashcards will help students learn the numerals from 1 to 20.

Flashcards With Written Numbers and Words

Flash Cards with Numbers
Number and Printed Number Flash Cards. D. Russell

Print the PDF: Flashcards for Number Recognition

As students learn to match the word with the number, use these number flashcards that show the numerals and words from 1 to 10. Hold each card and have students look at the number and say the associated word, such as "one" (for 1), "two" (2), "three" (3), and so on.

Flashcards With Dots

Number Flash Cards
Dot and Number Flash Cards. D. Russell

Print the PDF: Flashcards With Numbers and Dots

These flashcards help young students to recognize the numbers 1 through 10 and match them with their corresponding dot patterns. When working on the concept of subitizing, use these cards. The key is to get students to begin to recognize the patterns for numbers (represented by the dots).

Number Tracers 1 to 20

Number Tracers
Number Tracers 1-20. D. Russell

Print the PDF: Number-Tracing Flashcards

Once you've worked to help students recognize numerals, the words for those numerals, and the to dot patterns for each number, have them practice writing the numbers. Use these flashcards to help children learn to print their numbers from 1 to 20.

Number Strips

Printable Number Strips
Number Strips. D. Russell

Print the PDF: Number Strips

Complete your lesson on basic numbers with number strips. Use these number strips for tracing and for number recognition. After you've printed these on card stock and laminated them, tape these number strips to student desk surfaces for longterm reference.