Where to Find Privacy in College

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As much fun as it is to always have such interesting and engaging people around you in college, even the most outgoing of students need some privacy from time to time. Unfortunately, finding privacy on a college campus can be more of a challenge than you might think. So just where can you go when you need a few moments (or even an hour or two) to escape from it all?

Here Are Some Ideas

1. Rent a carrel in the library.

At many larger schools (and even some smaller ones), students can rent a carrel in the library. The cost usually isn't too high, especially if you consider how much you'll pay a month for a quiet place you can call your own. Carrels can be great because you can leave books in there and know that there's always a quiet place to study without being interrupted.

2. Head to a large athletic facility when it's not in use.

Consider checking out the football stadium, track, soccer fields, or another athletic facility when there isn't a game going on. A space you might traditionally associate with thousands of people can be blissfully quiet when no events are planned. Finding a little nook for yourself in the stands can be a great way to get some time to just sit and reflect or even catch up on your long-overdue reading.

3. Cozy up in a large theater facility when there's nobody there.

Even if there is no play or dance performance scheduled until later this evening, chances are the campus theater is open. See if you can go inside for a great place to get some privacy as well as some comfy chairs to do your homework in.

4. Try your house or residence hall during mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

Think about it: When are you least likely to be hanging out in your hall or house? When you're in class, of course. If you want some privacy in a place that is familiar, try heading home during the mid-morning or mid-afternoon when everyone else is off in the academic buildings—if you don't have a class, of course.

5. Head to a far corner of the campus.

Download the campus map from your school's website and look at the corners. What places don't you usually visit? Those are probably the places most other students don't visit either. If you have some time, head to a corner of campus that never gets any visitors and find a little corner of the world to call your own for a while.

6. Reserve a music studio.

First and foremost, however: Only do this if you're sure there's plenty of extra studio space at that time—never steal this vital resource from the students who really need it. If there isn't much demand for space, consider reserving a music studio for an hour or two a week. Whereas other students will be practicing their violins and saxophones, you can put some headphones in and get some quality relaxation or meditation time.

7. Hang out in an art studio or science lab.

If there aren't any classes in session, art studio and science labs can be a funky place to get some privacy. You can have a phone conversation in private (provided there's no one else around to annoy) or let yourself enjoy your creative side (sketching, painting, or maybe writing poetry?) while in a relaxing, calm environment.

8. Check out the dining hall during non-peak hours.

The food court itself may not be open, but chances are you can still go and snag one of the comfy booths or tables (not to mention get a Diet Coke refill when you need it). Consider bringing your laptop so you can have some privacy while catching up on emails, Facebook, or other personal tasks that are hard to do with a ton of people around.

9. Wake up early and explore an entirely new part of campus. 

It sounds horrific, but waking up early every now and then can be a great way to get some privacy, spend some time in self-reflection, and gain perspective. After all, when's the last time you had a few moments by yourself to go for a great morning run, do some morning yoga outside, or just go for a quiet walk around campus?

10. Stop by a campus chapel, temple, or interfaith center.

Heading to a religious location may not be one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of where to go for privacy, but campus religious centers have a lot to offer. They're quiet, open most of the day, and will provide you with some time to reflect and process on whatever you need to for as long as you need to. Additionally, if you'd like to get any spiritual counseling while you're there, there's usually someone you can talk to.

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