Product Review: Auto Air Duct Cleaner

Can the Auto Duct Cleaner solve your mold, mildew, and stinky air problems?

Auto Air Duct Cleaner. Photos by Adam Wright 2010

We have all had a car where the heat and air conditioning has a certain odor to it. There are a variety of ways to cover up the air with fresheners and air fragrances, but what about mold and mildew, do you want to keep breathing that stuff? The Auto Air Duct Cleaner may be the long lasting solution to your problem.

Real World Testing

We recently had an extreme case of the smelly air duct come into the shop.

A truck had been left sitting all winter. I know what you are thinking, mold and mildew, but this was much worse. Mice had set up a home in the air duct system and died there. The smell was awful. We cleaned out the duct work of the actual mice and nesting but the smell remained. So we than decided to try out the Auto Duct Cleaner in hopes of sanitizing the duct work for the heating and AC system. The directions tell you to run the AC and spray the cleaner through the fresh air vents on the outside of the car. The next step is to spray the duct work from the inside of the car. We did both and it worked! The smell was gone. The directions also say to leave your windows down for a few hours, because the clean smell is strong. They were right, it is strong, but it worked well. This product would also work well on mold and mildew. If you have allergies this product could really come in handy.

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