Product Review: Heated Ice Scraper

Can the Heated Ice Scraper save you time clearing your windshield?

ice scraper on snow
Heated Ice Scraper melting the snow. Photo by Adam Wright 2010

Recent winters have really packed a punch. People who have never shoveled snow on a large scale are learning how to deal with a heavy snowfall winter. While most people do have an ice scraper to clear frost and the occasional snow or ice, this might be a good time to upgrade your winter equipment. A nice upgrade to the traditional windshield scraper is the Heated Ice Scraper.

Real World Testing

The Heated Ice Scraper plugs into your cigarette lighter or 12 volt outlet.

We tried this product out thinking that is was probably going to not live up to the hype on the packaging, but we were surprised, it works, and works well. The heating element heats up quickly and gets surprisingly hot. The day we tested it out we had pretty heavy snow to deal with on the windshield and the Heated Ice Scraper cut right through it, revealing the clear glass beneath. Given the unpredictable weather patterns winter has shown, having better equipment might just be a good idea. One thing this product does save is a lot of arm movement. While your traditional ice scraper can be a workout to use, the Heated Ice Scraper does most of the work by breaking up the snow and ice. This is one product that should be in your winter arsenal.