Product Review: Traction Mats

Can Traction Mats Get My Car Out of Ice and Snow

Traction Mats snow traction product review.
Traction Mats. photo by Adam Wright, 2010

Given the winter of 2010 we should all re-think our winter driving plans. I live in upstate NY, where snow is a factor every winter. But this year has taught most of the country that snow can hit you, and hit you hard. One of the hardest things about driving in snowy conditions is not staying on the road, it is getting on the road to begin with. Most cars have normal street tires that are ill equipped for plowing through snow, they can navigate ok on roads that have been salted or plowed (if you drive cautiously) but no one is plowing around your car or your parking place.

This is where the Traction Mats come in.

Real World Testing

Traction Mats are very easy to store in your trunk and are reusable. I have known people to carry salt and sand in their trunks for such a snowy eventuality, but who wants the salt spilling on your groceries, not to mention salt is not reusable. The Traction Mats fold up after use. In extreme situations the experts say to use your floor mats for this purpose, but why ruin your floor mats when you can unfold the Traction Mats and place them over the snow.

Here is how you operate the Traction Mats.
1. Make sure vehicle is in park and apply emergency brake.
2. Unfold each mat and place it under your “drive” wheels. Most cars now are front wheel drive but many are still rear wheel. Figure out which of your wheels spin when you are stuck, and place the mats under them. Place the side up that is marked “Place this side up”.
3. Start vehicle and slowly drive from the mats onto firm ground.

Use the momentum from your traction on the mats to slowly get you to firm ground. NOTE: If your wheels spin while on the mat, do not keep your foot in the gas. Put your vehicle in park, apply the emergency brake and clean off and re-apply mats.
4. Once on firm ground go back and retrieve the Traction Mats, brush them off, re-fold them and save them for another day.

You should now be on your journey, just remember, if the conditions are very snowy, only drive if it is an emergency.