Profile of the Flutophone

Flutophone. Photo © Espie Estrella, licensed to, Inc.

Name of Instrument:



Wind, flutophones are made of plastic.

How to Play:

Flutophones have a hole at the bottom; the thumb of the left hand is used to cover this hole when playing. The index, middle and ring finger of the left hand is used to cover the upper three holes but the little finger is not used. The right thumb lays on the thumb rest while the index, middle, ring and little finger of the right hand covers the lower four holes.

Little force is used to play the flutophone, simply blow softly into the mouthpiece to make a sound. Notes are created when the finger holes are opened and closed.


Flutophones are made of plastic material and are very lightweight making it a great pre-band instrument. It is pitched in C; you can play a full chromatic scale on it and it's also affordable. Young children love playing the flutophone because it is easy to learn and simple to play. The mouthpiece is detachable and can also be used to tune the flutophone. Pulling out the mouthpiece will lower the pitch while pressing it in raises the pitch.

Difference of Flutophones From Recorders:

  • Flutophones are easier to play because it requires less air control. Recorders on the other hand needs more control and force to play. Flutophones are great for young children to start on and they can move on to recorders smoothly.
  • Recorders have better tone quality, flutophones may sound shrill because the mouthpiece has a built-in whistle. But with practice you can produce sweet music with it.
  • The finger holes of the flutophone have grooves making it easy to tell if you're covering the hole properly. On recorders the holes are smooth.
  • Flutophones are more affordable, I bought one for my child for only $3.
  • Flutophone Fingering:

    Fingering for the flutophone is similar to a recorder. To play middle C, all the holes, including the one at the bottom, are all covered.

    Music Sheet/Midi Sample:

    Several downloadable flutophone music sheets available here.