Prophets of God

Who Were the Ancient and Modern Prophets?

God communicates with us through His chosen men called prophets. God has called prophets both in ancient times as well as in these modern days. These resources explain why we need prophets and lists those prophets called in Old and New Testament times, Book of Mormon times, and in these latter-days including living prophets that lead and guide us today.

What is a Prophet?

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Joseph Sohm-Visions of America

And why do we need one? When Adam and Eve partook of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they became fallen and were cast out of the Garden of Eden. They were no longer in the presence of the Lord and a prophet was needed.

All of God's prophets, including and since Adam, have had the "fullness of the gospel of Christ, with its ordinances and blessings," (Bible Dictionary: Bible). This means God's prophets were given his authority, called the priesthood, to perform sacred ordinances such as baptism.

Learn the purpose for God's chosen servants, what prophets teach and testify of, and the reality of living prophets.

Old Testament Prophets

Old Testament Prophet Amos
Old Testament Prophet Amos. Old Testament Prophet Amos; Public Domain

Since the time of Adam, God has called men to be His prophets. After Adam and Eve's separation from the Lord, God chose Adam to be His first prophet, to be His messenger who would give His word unto Adam and Eve's children. Adam preached God's word unto his children. Many believed that God spoke to their father, Adam, but many did not.

This list is of Bible prophets from Old Testament times from Adam to Malachi. Those men, known as the patriarchs from Adam to Jacob, were also prophets and are included in this list.

New Testament Prophets

Baptism Copyright
Baptism Copyright John the Baptist and Jesus Christ;

This list is of Bible prophets from New Testament times, beginning with John the Baptist who "was the last of the prophets under the law of Moses... [and] the first of the New Testament prophets," (Bible Dictionary: John the Baptist).

We also consider apostles to be prophets, seers, and revelators (see What is a Prophet?) thus Christ's apostles from the New Testament are also included in this list.

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Book of Mormon Prophets

The Book of Mormon
The Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon

Just as God called prophets during Old Testament and New Testament times, He also called prophets to teach the people on the American Continent. A history of these prophets, the people, and even a personal visit from Jesus Christ is recorded in The Book of Mormon.

The Book of Mormon teaches about three groups of people, Nephites, Lamanites, and Jaredites. This list of known Book of Mormon prophets is divided into these groups.

Prophets of the Latter-days

Joseph Smith, Jr. Image public domain
Joseph Smith, Jr. Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr.; public domain

After the death of Christ and His apostles, there was an apostasy when there were no prophets upon the Earth. Later, Christ restored His church by calling a new prophet, Joseph Smith, Jr., who was the first prophet of these Latter-days.

This list is of God's prophets since the restoration through Joseph Smith.

Living Prophets

President Thomas S. Monson
President Thomas S. Monson. President Thomas S. Monson; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Christ leads His church today through living prophets. The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints consists of the President and his two counselors, and they are assisted by the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. These 15 men are all apostles, prophets, seers, revelators, and special witnesses of Jesus Christ.

This list details who these men are, including the current Prophet and President of the Church, and how Christ restored His church on the earth in these last days.