Psychic Danger on an Isolated Road

Rebecca's psychic sense might have saved her life one night on a dark stretch of road

I was raised in a small town in Kentucky along with a very large part of my mom's family. Another part of my mom's family lived in Louisville and we moved back and forth between the two.

During one of the times my mom lived in Louisville, and I was married at the time, still living in the small town I grew up in, I drove to spend the day with her.

I had to get back home as it was starting to get dark and I had close to 60 miles to drive.

I decided that in order to avoid the traffic and the lights on the main highway I would take a back road that ran along the "flood wall." There is about a five-mile stretch along the flood wall that is isolated and very dark at night so, needless to say, I was stepping on it.

As I was about midway of the flood wall where it was deserted, I saw a teenage girl hitchhiking alone, and my first concern was something awful happening to her, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to pick her up. I started slowing down and I heard a sound in my head that resembled an explosion and a startled feeling that was close to panic.

I don't remember stepping on the gas to by pass her, but my car suddenly gained speed. I was so scared and at the same time I didn't know why. All I could think of was to put distance between us and as fast as I could.

When I looked in my rear-view mirror at her, I saw two other people -- both male -- climb out of the ditch, which couldn't be seen from the road. I couldn't determine their age or anything, only that they were dirty and male. I am 48 years old now and after all these years I wonder what was the sound in my head, and if I had stopped to pick her up...

would I be here today? Why were they hiding?

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