Psychic Predictions for 2014

IS IT POSSIBLE to see the future? It's a power many of us would like to have. Certain people have made reputations for themselves with their abilities to prognosticate what's going to happen with an uncanny success rate. Following are predictions for the year 2014 in a wide range of topics -- from politics to weather and environment to celebrities -- from some of the top psychics and forecasters.

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LaMont "Monte" Hamilton is an ordained minister, Reiki Master healing practitioner, registered hypnotherapist, and holds multiple degrees in business, psychology, and education, and has worked in the paranormal field full time for over 25 years. Here's what he sees for 2014:

  • An electrical fire is seen in the new NSA (National Security Agency) collection center in Utah that will be linked to sabotage.
  • A discovery that diseases can be transmitted or transferred by pure thought from one location to another will be found.
  • Scientist will discover and prove that we live in an identical twin universe that's the mirror opposite of ours.
  • Nobel Prize in Chemistry will go to: Alivisatos, Seeman, and Mirkin for their work on DNA nanotechnology that uses the unique properties of DNA to treat the human body targeting individual cells.
  • We will lose one of our past Presidents or First Lady this year after a prolonged illness.
  • 2014 will be a very interesting political year since we'll have the Fall elections coming, and I predict we'll have at least 2-3 congressmen resigning their offices before that time. I see a few more veteran lawmaker's losing their seats after the elections are over.
  • Due to an increase in sexual assaults in the military this year, men and women will eventually be segregated once again.
  • The Atlantic ocean along the central east coast [of the U.S.] will be contaminated due to radiation or pollution that kills aquatic life.
  • Russia, China, and U.S. will collaborate on an asteroid shield/tracking program due to a potential hazard coming by December.
  • I see a tragic full-blown horrific civil war breaking out in Sudan by April, drawing the U.S military into the conflict.
  • Due to the advancement of new nano-chemicals, future cars will not need to be washed as much or need windshield wipers to repel dirt or water.
  • Programmers will discover a simple computer code or app that will end almost all future online computer viruses.
  • Significant positive views about women will create a rise in global political and economic power for them this year, and another top 5 auto manufacturer will have a female CEO before the year is out.
  • The alternative digital currency, Bitcoin, will crash due to a well placed virus that affects the algorithm.
  • A scandal over a Nobel Peace Prize nominee will be reported in the news that the commission may consider taking the prize back from them.
  • New protruding land masses or islands will start to form around Hawaii, Southeast Asia, and the Bahamas over the next year, sparking renewed interest in the legend of Atlantis.
  • New York City will move to limit the number and types of pets that people can own in town.
  • President Obama will pardon people that have been imprisoned for non-violent marijuana drug offenses.
  • Tragedy surrounding long-time actor Michael Douglas seen, which could be an accident or illness.
  • The original 1969 USA moon landing site will be reported as damaged or vandalized by another country that lands on the moon.
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Judy Hevenly
Judy Hevenly.

Judy Hevenly is a teacher, astrologer, and writer, whose forecasts have appeared in many publications and newspapers worldwide. Her clientele includes royalty, former presidents, Hollywood movie stars, and heads of state. Judy was also called in to work at the O.J. Simpson trial. She is featured in the book, The 100 Top Psychics in America.

2014 World Predictions:

  • U.S. economy improves at the state and national level. Stronger job growth mid-year, as people have more money to spend. Improved housing market, and demand for construction of commercial and industrial development. Factories are hiring more workers to keep up with overseas orders, and unemployment is stabilizing.
  • Pinterest purchased by Google, Facebook, or Linkedin.
  • Supreme Court to re-shape campaign finance laws.
  • Brazil wins 2014 World Soccer.
  • New storms and quakes in South Pacific Southeast Asia.
  • Hillary to announce her run for the Presidency mid-year.
  • New  privacy protection rules become law as part of a proposed U.S.-European Union free trade deal.
  • Sweeping changes coming to Federal Reserve, and several new faces among the voting members of the institution.
  • In medical research, breakthrough for heart failure treatment, also a cure for staph related skin infections and hepatitis C.
  • Vladimir Putin wins Nobel prize for his part in Syria.
  • Scotland breaks away from United Kingdom and becomes independent.
  • An ex-staff of Obama will publish an eye-opener book on the President and White House.
  • New labor laws implemented to take care of homeless people in USA.
  • Earthquakes of 5.6  in San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Alaska, and New Zealand.
  • Late 2014: TV and telephone with artificial intelligence systems are to be manufactured for consumer and utilities viewers.
  • Pope Francis to appoint the first woman cardinal to the Vatican.
  • Pope Francis hospitalized for lung infection.
  • Chelsea Clinton announces she is pregnant and gives birth to a baby boy.
  • Last year of reign for Queen Elizabeth.
  • New York some land areas fall into storm sinkholes.
  • Stock market hits a new high after a record low economic index.
  • New minimum wage of $10 per hour.
  • Batteries for T-shirts and running shoes woven into clothing glow at night for workers working in dark areas for protection, also -free technology sensors monitors for police officers with cameras to assist in catching suspects, with calls to police station for back up.
  • Lights out for Chicago - brings the city to a standstill.

Academy Awards 2014:

  • 12 Years a Slave to sweep the Awards winning Best Movie, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor/Best Supporting Actress, Best Director, Best Original Score.
  • Best Cinematography: Gravity.
  • Best Actress: Cate Blanchett.
  • Best Movie Comedy: American Hustle.
  • Best Foreign Film: Blue is the Warmest Color.
  • Best Animation: The Wind Rises.

Golden Globes 2014:

  • Leonardo Di Caprio finally wins his first Golden Globe for best actor for  Musical/Comedy: The Wolf of Wall Street.
  • Best Supporting Actor: Jared Leto.
  • Best Original Screenplay: Spike Jonze.
  • Adapted Screenplay: 12 Years of a Slave.
  • Best Actress, Musical or Comedy: Amy Adams.


  • Oprah Winfrey starts a TV station in Africa.
  • Kate Middleton pregnant with second child.
  • Miley Cyrus, Sandra Bullock walk down the aisle.
  • Brian Williams to replace Piers Morgan on CNN.
  • Hospitalization for Charlie Rose.


  • Erratic weather patterns and recorded earth shifts, together with unusual paranormal events could be the result of us having been watched by other species in different dimensions.
  • New sightings and several landings of unknown lights seen in Arizona, New Mexico, and Alaska.
  • The ghost of Nelson Mandela could appear during a national holiday or major public event in South Africa.
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In 2013, Nikki -- "Psychic to the Stars" -- predicted the Toronto floods, the Rob Ford tape and scandal, Justin Beiber’s problems, Daniel Day Lewis’ Oscar win, the split between Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas, the meteor crashing in Russia, trouble in Egypt, Mount Etna erupting, and the passing of Annette Funicello, Hugo Chavez, Paul Walker, and Nelson Mandela. Here's what she sees for 2014:

  • Trouble in Lebanon; Beirut on fire.
  • Contamination of water in major cities.
  • A giant sinkhole in Egypt. Trouble around the pyramids in Egypt; they may sink.
  • Sinkholes worldwide.
  • Another marathon tragedy.
  • Riots at a sports stadium in Brazil.
  • A flood in the London, England underground.
  • Power blackout worldwide.
  • Empire State Building tipping.
  • An attack at a military base in the US.
  • A shark will kill somebody at Coney Island, New York.
  • Explosions and riots in Detroit, Michigan.
  • A causeway in Florida will collapse.
  • Partial collapse of the Coliseum in Rome, Italy.
  • A great earthquake in Japan.
  • Terrorist attack in New York City.
  • Giant earthquake, Palm Springs, California. Earthquakes in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco.
  • A fire and explosion at a subway in New York City kills many.
  • A chemical attack on the United States.
  • Another cruise ship breaks in half.
  • Another Super Storm like Sandy hitting the USA, Canada, and Europe.
  • Nuclear attack on New York. Terrorist attack at the Empire State Building.
  • Meteor strike in the US.
  • Stock markets worldwide will close for one week.
  • A huge earthquake in the Caribbean. A giant earthquake in Japan
  • Cuba and Puerto Rico becoming part of the USA.
  • Terrorist attack Toronto, Canada.
  • A terrorist attack and bombing in London, England.
  • Danger around Barak Obama and the first Lady Michelle.
  • The Danube River overflowing. Great floods in Germany and the British Isles.
  • Hurricane wiping out Miami, Florida.
  • Great floods in Romania, Hungary.
  • Niagara Falls overflowing and the Niagara River floods.
  • A meteor crashing in China.
  • Civil war will break out in the US.
  • Northern Ireland, Belfast and Dublin at war again.
  • Iran and Israel at war attacking each other.
  • North and South Korea attacking each other.
  • A huge earthquake in St. Louis, Missouri, Chicago and Tennessee.
  • A huge earthquake and volcanic eruption in Hawaii.
  • Mt. St. Helens erupting.
  • A tornado destroys most of Kansas City.
  • A space tragedy.
  • More health issues for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip.
  • Breakthroughs in cures for cancer, lupus and diabetes.
  • Multiple shootings at Rockefeller Center in New York City.
  • A plane hijacked from an airport in Rome, Italy.
  • An attack on Airforce One.
  • An attack on the Vatican and Pope.
  • North Korean President Kim Jong Un in danger.
  • Earthquakes in Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska.
  • Terrorist attack Washington, California, India, Russia, Chicago.
  • Earthquake in Toronto, Quebec, Ottawa, and the Niagara region.


  • UFO sightings near the Hudson River.
  • A possible landing of a spaceship.

Star predictions:

  • Split between Kelley Ripa and Mark Consuela.
  • Pregnancy for Beyonce.
  • Split between Celine Dion and husband.
  • Matthew McConaughey nominated for an Oscar.
  • Rob Lowe winning awards.
  • 12 Years a Slave winning numerous awards.
  • More scandal around Tom Cruise.
  • Rob Ford's book deal and guest appearance on Jimmy Kimel show.
  • Shia Lebouf arrested.
  • Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi split.
  • Another Royal pregnancy for William and Kate.
  • More scandal around Bruce Jenner.
  • Jared Leto nominated for an Oscar.
  • Sandra Bullock nominated for an Oscar.
  • Selina Gomes pregnancy.
  • Madonna has a health scare.
  • Jack Nicholson hospitalized.
  • A famous comedian legend will pass.
  • Another sex scandal around Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Marriage for Oprah.
  • Johnny Depp has to be careful of motorcycles.
  • A baby for Jennifer Aniston.
  • Barbara Streisand and James Brolin splitting.
  • Rhianna pregnant.

Sports predictions

  • A famous sports person in the world of Formula One racers will pass.
  • National Hockey League for women.
  • Terrorist attack at a sports event.
  • A Formula One crash involving more than 20 cars.
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Sidney Friedman
Sidney Friedman.

Sidney "SidneySeer" Friedman claims a documented predictions accuracy of 71%, and a near 100% success rate with his Oscar predictions, missing only twice. His predictions have been covered by all the major television networks as well as hundreds of radio programs.

  • Edward Snowden will return to the United States and will not face trial.
  • Pope Francis announces plans for a visit to North America. Chicago will be one of the destinations. (And although it’s been revealed the Pope will visit the Middle East for two days, the trip actually will extend to four days.)
  • A fusion of resources, a major collaboration between China and the United States is announced. It most likely will regard energy and assistance for developing countries.
  • A major pipeline, not for oil, but for water is announced.
  • The feel-good network will feel even "gooder." Following several ratings-challenged years, Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network will see its ratings and revenues soar this year.
  • Unlike most celebs, who keep their weddings closed and private, Kanye and Kim’s wedding will be televised live. Some of the revenue will go to charity.
  • Garlic is in the news.
  • Strange, eerie, rumbling sounds are heard in the Midwest of the United States.
  • Chivalry returns.
  • Most improbably, the 2014 elections see Texas turning blue.
  • Snow falls in southern Florida.
  • A major delay occurs in the Oscar telecast.
  • Regarding Academy Awards predictions, once again, I do not see the films. I do not go to the movie theater nor do I rent them or read the reviews. If I were to see them, my own biases could come into play. So these predictions every year are entirely intuitive even though I have no clue who many of these people are. Also, I pick not only some of the major categories but also some of the odd ones. Here we go:
    • Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave) for Best Supporting Actress.
    • Bruce Dern (Nebraska) for Best Actor.
    • Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave) for Best Director.
    • Frozen for Best Animated Feature. "Let It Go" (Frozen) for Best Original Song.
    • Gravity for Best Cinematography.
    • 12 Years a Slave for Best Adapted Screenplay.
    • Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club) for Best Actor.
  • A shock wave, perhaps literally or perhaps figuratively, is felt in Russia.
  • Pippa Middleton announces she is getting engaged.
  • Will and Kate announce they are expecting another baby. And you can expect a girl.
  • If anyone cares (but apparently many do), Khloe Kardashian slims up with a remarkable weight loss.
  • The United States economy sees the unemployment rate drop to 6.6%, maybe even 6.4%. Contrary to most current punditry, the DOW sees a significant drop in late winter or early spring (after beginning robustly bullish). It rebounds by November and likely finishes the year higher than where it began, perhaps 5 to 6 percent higher. The economy overall continues to grow. Corporate investment finally surges. Keep in mind, back in December 2008, post-crash, I predicted a 7 to 9 year recovery and also predicted immediate gains in the stock market in 2009 in spite of most analyst’s forecasts of continued gloom. So far, I have been right on target. As always though, consult your own investment advisor, do your research, combine your knowledge with a bit of intuition, and remember, it is NOT a stock market. It’s a market of stocks.
  • With sincere hopes the following does not occur, I sense two natural disasters striking nearly simultaneously in the United States.
  • Remarkably, for the first time, a poll finally finds one person who actually approves of Congress.
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Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker
Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker.

This U.K.-based psychic and medium has scored several hits in past years. Here are his top 10 predictions for 2014:

  • The Dalai Lama will be taken seriously ill. He will announce that his next incarnation will be as a westerner.
  • Pope Francis will initiate a new spiritual mission to help the mentally ill.
  • Syria will be partitioned into a Alawite and Sunni provinces. Assad will go into hiding but will not escape justice.
  • Gunman rampage in Kansas City, Missouri USA. There will also be a similar attack by gunmen on the London underground which is quickly brought under control.
  • A strange luminous plankton is seen under the sea that cannot be explained by scientists. This may be linked to a strange cosmic event – such as a Stella explosion and light in the sky – that changes animal behaviour patterns.
  • The remains of an ancient civilisation are uncovered in Greenland.
  • Oprah Winfrey launches a controversial new spiritual chat show that brings many world religious leaders to book. Its theme is ‘Trial by Conscience’ and addresses issues such as radical Islam and abuse within the churches.
  • UK postal strikes are backed by other trade unions and transport is brought to a standstill.
  • UK Liberal leader Nick Clegg resigns.
  • Massive fire in Mexico City sees poor areas of the city completely destroyed.
  • New Orleans is flooded again.
  • Chemical cloud over parts of southern USA as factory explodes.
  • Australia has its biggest bush fire ever.
  • Japan builds a nuclear bomb despite protests from the UN.
  • US economy soars ahead. There is a successful move to stop the import of foreign cars and the start of a bigger trade war with China.
  • There will be massive riots at the Brazilian World Cup. Many games will be disrupted by activists from around the world protesting about poverty.
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The Amazing Kreskin
The Amazing Kreskin.

The Amazing Kreskin has for some six decades dramatized the unique facets of the human mind… his own. His very name has become an integral part of pop culture throughout the world, invoked in comedy clubs, comic strips, print stories, and TV shows from sitcoms on through national magazines. He is careful not to claim any psychic ability, but this is what he forecasts for this year:

  • Youth and their violent leisure activities proving to be dangerous; will get worse for next three or four years.
  • An explosion of lawsuits for everything you can imagine.
  • Big scandal coming because of entertainers and sports figures on drugs.
  • More shootings in schools, movie theaters, public gatherings, including in houses of worship, restaurants, bars, sporting events. The experience of gathering in public and sharing with others from all walks of life will become less popular.
  • The draft will return in the U.S. and the homeland war on terror will go on for another twenty years.
  • Hillary Clinton will announce she will run for President in 2016.
  • Chris Christie will also run.
  • Earplugs will be offered in movie theaters (half joking).
  • When Raul Castro dies, Communism will disappear in Cuba.
  • Worries about those traveling to the Olympics in Russia.
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