Valentine's Day Math Activities

Working on a Math Assignment A multi-ethnic group of elementary age children are sitting in their desks at school and are working on an assignment.

Valentine's Day in the classroom can be full of distractions. Reel your students back in with these cool ways to learn about math, with an adorable theme. 

Math Projects With a Valentine's Theme

1. Have children cut out hearts of various sizes and try to determine how to calculate the perimeter.

2. Let each child take their heartbeat for a minute. Compare heartbeats. If a heartbeat is 72 per minute, how many times will it beat in 1 hour? 1 day?

3. How many lines of symmetry can you find in a heart?

4. If each child in the class exchanged Valentine's, how many valentines would be exchanged? How could you find out? What if there were only 10 children? What if there were 25 children?

5. If roses are on sale for $29.95, how much is 1 rose? How much would it be to buy 5 dozen roses?

6. Using cinnamon hearts or candy hearts, build graphs about how many cars go buy in 10 minutes or how many valentines the boys got versus the girls.

7. Fill up a jar with candy hearts and let students estimate how many hearts are in the jar. Once all estimations are done, have children determine a quick way of finding out how many hearts are in the jar. (Grouping)

8. Play heart bingo. Use candy hearts on Bingo cards.

9. Fill in a big heart shape with 100 kisses or hugs.

10. Valentine's Day is on the 14th. How many number sentences can you think of that will have an answer of 14? (7 + 7 or 24 - 10 etc.)