Punjabble Game, Description, Pros and Cons: Review

Punjabi Scrabble Fun with Gurmukhi Alphabet

Punjabble is an entertaining game designed by Canadian elementary school teacher Yadvinder Singh Thind as an aid to learning the Gurmukhi script alphabet grid. Punjabble encourages building of skills in Punjabi language vocabulary and spelling. Players benefit by increasing knowledge of Gurbani when reciting scripture to earn points. Punjabble is also a fun method of improving mathematical skills while keeping score. The versatile Punjabi scrabble game can be played a variety of ways by players of all ages and skill levels.

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Punjabble Game Box

Punjabble Game Pieces
Punjabble Game Pieces. Photo © [Courtesy Punjabble]

The Punjabble game is packaged in a glossy laminate cardboard box with a colorful cover inviting play. The sturdy Punjabble game box measures 6 1/4 inches by 8 1/4 inches and is 1 3/4 inches deep, just the right size to hold all Punjabble playing pieces.

Punjabble Players Pros and Cons

How To Play Punjabble
How To Play Punjabble. Photo © [Courtesy Punjabble]

Instructions and ideas for ways to play are printed on the back of the Punjabble game box.


  • Punjabble can be played in a variety of ways limited only by imagination.
  • Punjabble can be played by beginners, intermediate, or advanced players of every age.
  • Playing Punjabble promotes learning Gurmukhi alphabet, Gurbani scripture and Punjabi language.
  • Play Punjabble just for fun alone, or with family and friends, at home, in the classroom, or Gurmat camp.
  • Play Punjabble competitively in championship tournaments held by school teams, or gurdwara leagues.


  • Punjabble relies heavily on imagination. Game board, letter trays, scorecards, starred point pins, and detailed instructions could be included in a deluxe edition.

Punjabble Playing Pieces and Game Grid Description

Punjabble Akhar Game Grid
Punjabble Akhar Game Grid. Photo © [S Khalsa]

Punjabble contains 108 laminated playing pieces printed with Gurmukhi letters, a black velvet bag for play and storage, and a dry erase marker for writing Gurmukhi laga matra vowels. Glossy tiles measure about 2 inches square and are embossed with bold black Gurmukhi akhar consonants. Each tile is marked with phonetic English transliteration letters in upper left corner, and numerals indicating points earned in lower right corner. Every akhar consonant comes in a set of 3 tiles excepting 2 which are single tiles only. The game also has 7 blank tiles one of which is bordered and can be used as an Old Maid, Wild card, or Joker.

Punjabble Game Ordering Information

Punjabble Game Box
Punjabble Game Box. Photo © [Courtesy Punjabble]

Punjabble is an evolving game project and has gone through several developmental and improvement stages. Supply of current Punjabble game may be limited. Ask about pre-ordering, and bulk orders.

Fill out order form on Punjabble website. Expect to pay about $10 Canadian plus shipping and handling. Shipping costs range from Domestic such as US or Canada $5 - $6 where Punjabble arrives in about a week after being ordered, and International rates up to about $16 for far away places like Australia.

When ordering the game ask about how to also order high score Punjabble Pins for championship leagues that team players can display to let tournament challengers know what they are up against.

Consider being a contributor and help make Punjabble games available for Sikh children and seniors in your community.

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Email: yad.thind12@gmail.com

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Gurmukhi Alphabet Chart
Gurmukhi Alphabet Chart. Photo © [S Khalsa]

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