Dispensing and Purchasing Controlled Substances Over the Internet

Consumers Sometimes Buy Drugs Online Without Realizing It Is A Crime

The following Frequently Asked Questions are published by the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) Office of Diversion Control as an educational and public awareness component relative to the use of the Internet for the purposes of purchasing, prescribing, dispensing and importing of controlled substances.

Some Internet sites facilitate the illegal sale of prescription drugs. They enable some consumers to illegally purchase controlled substances without realizing they are committing a crime.

This document explains what constitutes legitimate controlled substances transactions via the Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can An Individual Order Drugs Using The Internet Without Seeing A Doctor?
  • What Are The Types Of Risks Taken By Individuals When Ordering Drugs Via The Internet? How Can Those Risks Be Minimized?
  • Can Underage Individuals Acquire Drugs On The Internet? How Can This Be Prevented From Happening?
  • What Are The Basic Requirements For Prescribing, Dispensing, And Importing Controlled Substances?
  • Is It Legal For Internet Pharmacies To Approach A Physician To Write Prescriptions Based On On-Line Consultations With Customers/Consumer?
  • Can An Independent Pharmacy Purchase Supplies On The Internet? What Procedures Must Be Followed?
  • Does The Label On A Prescription Filled Via The Internet Indicate The Internet Pharmacy Or The Registered Location That Filled The Prescription?
  • Does Being An Internet Pharmacy Change A Pharmacy’s Responsibilities Under Dea Regulations?
  • Is It Possible For An Internet Pharmacy To Fill Prescriptions For Schedule Ii Controlled Substances?
  • Is It Possible For An Internet Pharmacy To Fill Prescriptions For Schedule Iii-V Controlled Substances?
  • Is It Legal To Buy Controlled Substances From Foreign Internet Sites And Have Them Shipped To The U.S.?
  • Does It Make A Difference If An Individual Has A Prescription From A U.S. Doctor For Controlled Substances And Buys From A Foreign Internet Site?
  • Are The Rules Different For "Life Style" Drugs?
  • What Does The Vipps Seal Seen On Some Internet Pharmacy Sites Mean?
  • Where Should Complaints Regarding An "Internet Pharmacy" Site On The Internet That Appears To Be Illegally Selling Drug Be Directed?
  • How Many People Have Been Harmed From Drugs Purchased Over The Internet?