Pure Evil in the Night


I read an article from this website that suggests that whatever the ghost experience is, the beings mirror our own emotional states. I would have to wholeheartedly agree with this, based on my own experience. Those who have an inclination to react in fear or listen to their cultural inclination to label them as "evil" experience, what's best described as nightmares on numerous occasions.

I would have to estimate the most vivid experience I have of the black entities is something that happened when I was around 14 years old, which would place it around 1990.

Prior to that, I don't recall anything particularly, although my parents assure me I gave them the creeps when they were viewing an old house for sale when I was much younger. I'm told I stopped halfway down a corridor and pointed at an empty space, asking "Who is that?"

Anyway, my experience was very vivid. Despite that, some of what happened toward the end left me wondering if I was as awake as I first thought.

I woke up in the middle of the night. Everything was very dark and there was no sound. There was a really strong static sensation. It felt like my head was tingling, kind of like pins and needles. I could almost "feel" the direction it was coming from, in the corner of the room, above the old TV set.

If I were to describe it better, it felt like "pure evil," and this oppressive feeling like it was getting heavier and closing in on me. I looked over there and strained my eyes. Above the set, the shadows were pitch black.

The TV screen was a dark gray, like it had been switched on a couple of minutes ago and was nearly faded. I noticed my head felt heavy. There was enough light to just about make out my room, from the moonlight through my curtains.

I let me head rest again on the pillow, but that moving, tingly feeling or something made me look up again.

I thought about the bottom of my room. With some effort, I strained up (feeling like I must have been tired as I felt very heavy) and looked down at the bottom of my bed.

What immediately followed was pure fear. I saw two heads and shoulders poking above the bottom of the bed. I would guess that placed them at about 3 feet tall, assuming they weren't kneeling. They were jet black, like shadow or no light was escaping them at all. The only exception was their eyes. They glowed red. They had black pupils, and it looked like small black dots floating around in their red eyes, like lava lamps.

I immediately let me head fall and pulled the quilt over my head and pulled my feet up. I remember breathing rapidly in panic. It was hot under the quilt and I felt sweaty. Admittedly, I was a little more "logical" than most kids my age (read that as "nerdy"). Despite the fear, I had a fast train of thoughts kick in. The static I'd read something about recently. Something about people feeling an "evil" presence in certain strong fields.

Realization suddenly hit me. I was being an idiot. There is no such thing as an "evil" field -- I mean, how can the air be "evil"? What is evil after all? I'd been duped by my own body.

Then I questioned the rest. Their appearance. What if that was stories, too? Should I be judging them as evil just because kids are taught dark is evil?

It crossed my mind that whatever they were, perhaps they were alone or something. Perhaps they were reaching out, only to be met with this fear and rejection. I felt sorry for them. I lost all concern for myself. I still felt a bit frightened, sat up, and looked at them with warmth. I didn't know what to say, but I guess, courtesy of fear, all that came out was a small squeak from me.

Then followed the bit that makes me less certain I was really awake, no matter how vivid it felt. I felt a wave of "warmth" hit me back, like my own emotions were being magnified and focused back at me. I was seeing two things at once to start with. I saw my hallway passing as I glided toward the front door.

At the same time, I saw a dark corridor, lined with weird creatures, some like apes with long, different-colored hair. Something had long tentacles or something, but they passed in a blur.

I saw the front garden vividly lit by moonlight and looked up at a bright star. Then it changed in an instant. I "stepped" forward. It's like I was there all along, in the same room, but it was "below" me, not in height, but like it was layered in with where I was standing. There was an impression for a split second like sliding, seeing dots turn into bends in sheets and moving along the sheets. Nope... pretty sure that's not explained it.

Either way, I wasn't in the garden a moment later. Well, I'm not sure if I was, but I was in a cavern of light orange/yellow rock. It had a gradual dome to it at the front with a rock to the left, but there were people there. I say "people," but they were more like children. Their heads were big for their sizes -- maybe 50 percent bigger than average, with smooth features. I don't recall noses, and their mouths were small and straight, I think. It's their eyes I was focused on again. I couldn't register much else then. They were big, but beautiful blue.

There was something weird about them, like they had double irises; another ring or something. They all approached like they were welcoming a lost father. Such a warm feeling from them.

Then it was gone. It stopped. There was black. I realized I was in bed. I remember feeling a little confused but comfortable. I was tired, though, and went back to sleep. Those later things make me think perhaps I wasn't as awake as I thought. I don't know for sure if there was anything "real" happening there or what was going on. Sure it "felt" real and very vivid.

I'll admit having looked into it online. I'm seeing many commonalities for these experiences, which adds a little nagging doubt to the whole thing. Perhaps there is something to it. I don't know.

In terms of other experiences, not many in all honesty. There was a recent one (I would guess in the last year or so), again in the middle of the night, when it was dark and quiet.

I don't know what woke me, but I woke up in the night and opened my eyes. There was a bright white figure standing at the end of the bed near the doorway. Vivid. I'm ashamed to say alarm kicked in again, and if there was something there, I don't think I gave it the best reception.

My heart racing, I looked around the room. It must be a trick of the light. But nothing. I looked at the curtains. Nothing there. Tried to figure out what caused it, but couldn't see a thing. I was alarmed and not entirely convinced it wasn't real. But there must be a rational cause. Despite that I shouted, "What the hell...?" and shoved my wife to wake her up.

The thing that alarmed me more is that while I was doing it, the vivid white silhouette "turned" to the side very clearly and stepped toward the door, fading from sight as I tapped my bedside light on.

The next day, we received a phone call. My wife's uncle had passed away in the night. I thought it through, and indeed asked her the obvious question: Had she mentioned anything about him being ill before? Apparently not. She knew nothing of him even being ill, but grew up with him and loved him dearly. I never knew him.

More recently, not a lot that's anything but mundane. We'd moved again recently. A few days back my wife had an early start for work and I thought I'd lay in bed. The light turned on by itself. I turned it off. A few moments later, still in bed, the light turned on again. There's no way anyone touched it or was there. My guess is a power surge or malfunction or something. It's not happened before or since, but power problems don't happen often anyway.  

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