5 Major Qualities of True Modesty

Drawing Attention to Yourself is the Antithesis of Modesty

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As Mormons, we embrace modesty as a principle of the gospel. Unfortunately, we often limit it to just clothing. Wearing modest clothing is certainly important. It is a crucial part of modesty. However, there is a great deal more to modesty than just clothing.

Modesty Goals Are Simple and Spiritual

In being modest, we should avoid any indecent or improper speech or behavior. Modest people do not unduly draw attention to themselves.

Also, they do not exaggerate their personal importance in any way.

A modest person will:

  • Qualify for the Holy Ghost's constant companionship and assistance
  • Feel comfortable in the Lord's presence
  • Exhibit that he or she values covenants made with deity.

As Latter-day Saints, we should seek to be modest in the following five important ways.

1. A Modest Attitude Exhibits Humility

Anyone who is primarily boastful and vain is not exhibiting a modest attitude. Some people cannot even introduce themselves without supplying a laundry list of their titles, worldly achievements and awards.

An immodest attitude will cause people to overestimate their importance to everything, especially in comparison to other people. Immodest people often think their contribution or control over other people's activities is necessary for any success.

Immodest people tend to take credit for anything good that happens. They devalue everyone else's contribution.

What is more, they fail to acknowledge divine assistance.

Truly modest people are always humble. Immodest people are always selfish, self-absorbed, arrogant, boastful, proud and vain.

2. Modest Speech is Appropriate For Anyone to Hear

Modest speech is always clean, positive and uplifting. Immodest speech is often profane, disrespectful and negative.

A good test is to ask yourself if you could use the same speech around Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ and still feel comfortable.

3. Modest Behavior Avoids Any Extremes

We send messages out with our behavior. If we are honest with ourselves and others, our behavior will reflect who we actually are. If it does not, then it is likely that we are hypocrites.

Extreme behaviors will draw people's attention to ourselves. This is troublesome, because it will simultaneously draw people's attention away from something else.

If this something else is the gospel or more appropriate behaviors, then we need to repent and change our ways. A truly modest person will not engage in any extreme or disturbing behaviors.

4. Modest Grooming Will Not Draw Attention to Self

Any extremes in grooming will draw people's attention. It always results in our inordinately focusing attention on ourselves as well. For that reason, it is inherently selfish.

Inadequate grooming sends messages that we do not care for our bodies enough to take good care of them. Too much attention to grooming suggests we focus too much time and attention on it.

Modest grooming will fit somewhere in between these two extremes. We should be neatly and modestly groomed.

Our grooming should convey the message that we value and care for our bodies.

5. Modest Attire Will Not Be Extreme, Form Fitting or Revealing

Young women are often the target when it comes to modest dress. However, this is something we must all be concerned with.

We know our bodies should be regarded as sacred. Obtaining bodies is one of the purposes of this life. Our ability to procreate is our most godlike feature here on earth. For all these reasons, Satan makes how we use our bodies a special target.

Satan will never have a body himself. He is insanely jealous of us. Influencing us to misuse our bodies gives him wicked satisfaction.

Some aspects of modesty are defined by culture. However, some aspects of modest attire apply to any time or place. Clothing should never be:

  • Extreme
  • Formfitting
  • Revealing

    We should wear modest clothing for our own sake. By doing so, we exhibit our obedience to Heavenly Father. In addition, we exhibit our intent to obey and live the law of chastity.

    Our temple garments, or Mormon underwear as it is sometimes referred to, help us to be modest and remember our covenants to dress modestly.

    Modesty is a principle with many different facets. We should seek to be modest in all we say and do.