Using the French Phrase "Quand Même"

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Quand même, pronounced ka(n) mehm, is a versatile adverbial expression, one of the most common in the French language, that means many things: "anyway," "even so," "all the same," "nevertheless," "really," "finally," "how about that!"

"Quand Même" and Its Synonyms

In France, you'd hear the useful adverbial phrase quand même several times a day, every day, and each time you might deduce a new meaning. "Even so" seems to be one of the most frequent meanings, one that quand même shares with tout de même, although you hear quand même more often.

A synonym in the sense of "all the same" or "even so" is the adverbial phrase malgré tout. That said, quand même is also a conjunction (along with quand bien même) meaning "even if" or "even though," as in: "We're coming even if we're late."  

Examples of 'Quand Même' as Adverbial Expression

  • C'était quand même bien.
    "It was still good. / It was good all the same."
  • Je pense qu'il ne viendra pas, mais je l'inviterai quand même.
    "I don't think he'll come, but I'll invite him all the same."
  • Tu pourrais faire attention quand même !
    "You really should be more careful!"
  • J'avais peur, mais je l'ai fait quand même.
    "I was afraid, but I did it anyway."
  • Merci quand même.
    "Thanks anyway.
  • C'est quand même difficile.
    "All the same / Even so / Actually / Still, it's really hard."
  • Quand même !
    "Really! / Honestly!" (disbelief, outrage)
  • Je suis enceinte.
    "I'm pregnant.​"
  • Quand même !
    "How about that!"
  • Oui, mais quand même !
    "Yes, but still!"
  • Quel idiot, quand même !
    "Really, what an idiot!"
  • Elle est polie, quand même.
    "At least she's polite."
  • Quand même, tu aurais pu me prévenir !
    "Hey, you could have warned me!"
  • Tu ne vas pas sécher les cours, quand même !
    "Come on, you're not really going to play hooky!"
  • Il ne veut pas vivre seul quand même.
    "He doesn't want to live alone, does he?" (rhetorical)
  • Tu as nettoyé ta chambre quand même.
    "You finally cleaned your room."
  • Tu aurais dû quand même me consulter.
    "Even if I wouldn't have agreed, you should still have consulted me."
  • Cela semble évident mais attention quand même.
    "This seems obvious, but be careful anyway."
  • Pas trop quand même, grâce à toi.
    "Not too much though, thanks to you."