QUENTIN Surname Meaning and Family History

What Does the Last Name Quentin Mean?

One origin of the Quentin surname is from the French first name Quentin, sometimes bestowed on the "fifth son."
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From the Latin quintinus, meaning "the fifth," Quentin sometimes originated as a French first name often given to the fifth son.

The Quentin surname may also have originated as a geographical surname for someone from one of the places called Quentin in Gloucestershire, Northamptonshire or Worcestershire, England, or from one of the places in Normandy, France named for St. Quentin of Amiens.

Surname Origin: English, French

Alternate Surname Spellings: QUINTIN, QUENTEN

Famous People with the QUENTIN Surname

  • Caroline Quentin - English actress
  • Carlos Quentin - American professional baseball player

Where is the QUENTIN Surname Most Common?

Surname distribution from Forebears indicate that the Quentin surname is most common in France where it ranks among the top 1000 surnames in the country. It is most common in northern France, according to WorldNames PublicProfiler, especially in the Basse-Normandie, Picardie and Centre regions.

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