Spoilers for the Current Week

General Hospital
Anna and Duke (Finola Hughes and Ian Buchanan). ABC Inc.

Monday May 9:

The accident has put several people at risk.

Jason discovers something surprising.

Jason suddenly remembers.

Tuesday May 10:

Jason wants to tell Sam about his experience.

Lulu tells Maxie to forget about Nathan's past for once and for all.

Anna's life is in danger.

Wednesday May 11:

Alexis has doubts about Julian.

Julian uses a Cassadine relic.

Franco needs advice.

Thursday May 12:

Franco wants another chance with Nina.

It's Michael to the rescue.

Maxie and Dr. Obrecht have a decent talk with one another.

Friday May 13:

Sonny and Anna are shocked when they learn more about Griffin.

Alexis' suspicions are driving her crazy.

Rachel and Nikolas both have a plan that concerns the other.