Quiz: French Mistakes

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1. ________ pouvons réessayer.

3. He told me to do it.

4. I must take care of this problem.

5. Bienvenu chez nous

6. Tell me if you would like to try it.

7. He'll be there for a week.

8. There's no milk.

9. To fall in love

10. Is "je sais pas" acceptable in informal French?

11. Good morning

12. I hope you'll be there.

13. We went downstairs.

14. I live next to the park.

15. You ask too many questions!

Quiz: French Mistakes

You got: % Correct. Ooh lá lá!

I got Ooh lá lá!. Quiz: French Mistakes
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Yikes! It looks like you need to study more! Start with this list of the top French beginner mistakes

Quiz: French Mistakes

You got: % Correct. Pas mal.

I got Pas mal.. Quiz: French Mistakes

Not bad! You have the basics down, but be sure to avoid these intermediate and advanced French mistakes. 

Quiz: French Mistakes

You got: % Correct. Trés Bien!

I got Trés Bien!. Quiz: French Mistakes
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 Great job! You managed to avoid the most common French mistakes! But remember — even advanced French speakers mess up sometimes. Make sure your French is perfect by reviewing these advanced French mistakes