'Medea' Quotes


Medea is the famous play by the Greek, Euripides. To what extent would a mother go? Here are a few quotes from the Greek drama.

"Flow backward to your sources, sacred rivers,
And let the world's great order be reversed.
It is the thoughts of men that are deceitful,
Their pledges that are loose."
- Euripides, Medea

"I am afraid of you...
You are a clever woman, versed in evil arts
And are angry at having lost your husband's love.
I hear that you are threatening, so they tell me,
To do something against my daughter and Jason
And me too."
- Euripides, Medea

"I have often been the loser.
Even now I know that I am making a mistake."
- Euripides, Medea

"Do you think that I would ever have fawned on that man
Unless I had some end to gain or profit in it?"
- Euripides, Medea

"And when I have ruined the whole of Jason's house,
I shall leave the land and flee from the murder of my
Dear children, and I shall have done a dreadful deed.
For it is not bearable to be mocked by enemies.
So it must happen. What profit have I in life?
I have no land, no home, no refuge from my pain."
- Euripides, Medea

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