Radioactivity Science Quiz

See How Much You Know About Radioactivity

Take a quiz to see how much you know about radioactivity and alpha, beta, and gamma radioactive decay.
Take a quiz to see how much you know about radioactivity and alpha, beta, and gamma radioactive decay. Caspar Benson / Getty Images
1. When unstable nuclei undergo radioactive decay, they emit three types of radioactivity. Which is not one of them?
2. Radioactivity is spontaneous and random.
3. Which type of radioactive decay doesn't change the atomic number?
4. Whether or not a nuclear fission reaction becomes self-sustaining depends on the release of:
5. Particles that are helium nuclei are called:
6. What is it called when two atomic nuclei are combined?
7. Quick electron emissions are called:
8. Radioactivity that takes the form of high energy electromagnetic waves would be:
9. Isotopes of an element have different numbers of:
10. What form of radioactive decay reduces the atomic number or number of protons by 2?
Radioactivity Science Quiz
You got: % Correct. Nuclear Bombed the Radioactivity Quiz
I got Nuclear Bombed the Radioactivity Quiz. Radioactivity Science Quiz
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Nice try! You missed a lot of questions, but you completed the quiz, so you should understand more about the basics of what radioactivity is and how the different types of radioactive decay work. If you're uncertain about any particular aspects, now would be a good time to review the general concepts.​ From here, you can learn about foods that are naturally radioactive.

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Radioactivity Science Quiz
You got: % Correct. Glowing Marks for Radioactivity Knowledge
I got Glowing Marks for Radioactivity Knowledge. Radioactivity Science Quiz
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Great job! You knew a lot about the basics of how radioactivity and nuclear decay work. If you feel a bit shaky about some of the concepts, you can review how radioactivity works  and why isotopes undergo radioactive decay. From here, gain a practical understanding of common radioactive materials you might encounter in daily life.

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