Ramadan Books for Children

These books can help your children or students understand the practices and meaning behind the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan. These books are informative, engaging, and colorful for readers young and old. Excellent for parents or teachers, to expose children to the diverse celebrations of the world.

A collection of stories about the three main celebrations in Islam: Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, and Eid al-Adha. Told through the eyes of children and illustrated with lovely watercolors, this book captures the warmth of the holidays and traditions. More »

Enhanced with beautiful drawings, this lovely book covers all the special traditions of the month through the eyes of Hakeem, a Muslim boy in America. Awarded Book of the Year by the National Council for the Social Studies in 1997. More »

This beautiful book tells the story of Ramadan, from the first sighting of the crescent moon which starts the month, until the final night of the moon when Eid arrives. The story is told through the eyes of a Pakistani-American girl named Yasmeen.

Simple but sweet, sing-song rhyming text about the experience of Ramadan, with beautiful illustrations by Sue Williams. A warm read describing not only the fast but other traditions of the month.

This book takes an honest look at the experiences of Ramadan as seen through the eyes of a child. Children are not required to fast, but this book captures the excitement that Muslim children feel, and their desire to participate in the community activities.

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"Lailah's Lunchbox: A Ramadan Story" - by Reem Faruqi

A heartwarming story about a difficulty many young Muslims face when they fast for Ramadan -- how to explain to non-Muslim friends and teachers at school? A great personal story and encouragement for Muslim children who feel that they don't fit in, and for schools who want them to feel supported and welcome.

With the beauty which is typical of National Geographic books, this title captures the observance of Ramadan around the world. The simple text by Deborah Heiligman is appropriate for young elementary school students. The stunning photography appeals to all ages.

This book follows Ibraheem, a Muslim fourth-grader, as he and his family observe the holy month of Ramadan. Photographs accompany the brief yet comprehensive text, making this a quality introduction.

This charming story captures the excitement of a young boy trying to fast his first Ramadan. While it is not required for him to fast, he is determined to make it through the day.

The simple text and colorful illustrations of this book would appeal to younger children.

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