Randolph-Macon College Admissions

SAT Scores, Acceptance Rate, Financial Aid, Graduation Rate, & More

Randolph-Macon College campus.

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Randolph-Macon College Admissions Overview:

Randolph-Macon College, with an acceptance rate of 61%, is generally accessible. Prospective students, in order to apply, will need to submit an application, along with scores from the SAT or ACT, letters of recommendation, and official high school transcripts. For complete instructions and guidelines, including important deadlines, be sure to visit the school's website. And, if you have any questions about applying, feel free to contact the admissions office. Campus visits, while not required, are always encouraged for interested students.

Admissions Data (2016):

Randolph-Macon College Description:

Randolph-Macon College is a selective liberal arts college located in Ashland, Virginia, about 15 miles from Richmond. Founded in 1830, Randolph-Macon is the oldest Methodist college in the country. The college features attractive brick buildings, small class size (average of 15 students), and an 11 to 1 student / faculty ratio. All first-year students take an interdisciplinary year-long seminar taught by two faculty members, and the college prides itself on the meaningful relationships that develop between students and their teachers. For its academic strengths, R-MC was awarded a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. Popular sports at Randolph-Macon include football, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, golf, track and field, and volleyball.

Enrollment (2016):

  • Total Enrollment: 1,446 (all undergraduate)
  • Gender Breakdown: 47% Male / 53% Female
  • 98% Full-time

Costs (2016 - 17):

  • Tuition and Fees: $38,730
  • Books: $1,000 (why so much?)
  • Room and Board: $11,180
  • Other Expenses: $1,500
  • Total Cost: $52,410

Randolph-Macon College Financial Aid (2015 - 16):

  • Percentage of Students Receiving Aid: 100%
  • Percentage of Students Receiving Types of Aid
    • Grants: 100%
    • Loans: 64%
  • Average Amount of Aid
    • Grants: $24,374
    • Loans: $8,856

Academic Programs:

  • Most Popular Majors: Accounting, Biology, Economics, English, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology.

Transfer, Graduation and Retention Rates:

  • First Year Student Retention (full-time students): 85%
  • Transfer Out Rate: 10%
  • 4-Year Graduation Rate: 52%
  • 6-Year Graduation Rate: 59%

Intercollegiate Athletic Programs:

  • Men's Sports: Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, Tennis, Equestrian, Basketball, Baseball
  • Women's Sports: Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Basketball, Golf, Swimming

Data Source:

National Center for Educational Statistics

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