Why is Raphael the Archangel of Air?

The Angel Raphael Works with Nature's Air Element

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Archangel Raphael is the angel who oversees air on Earth. Grant Faint/Getty Images

God has given several archangels supervisory duties over the four natural elements on Earth, believers say, and the angel who oversees air is Archangel Raphael. Here's a look at why Raphael is the angel of air, and how Raphael's primary focus on healing ties into working with air:

Breaking Free of Burdens

Just as a burst of fresh air clears out an area, Raphael brings spiritual clarity that refreshes people, freeing them to break free of unhealthy burdens that are blocking the progress God wants them to make in life.

“A great deal of Archangel Raphael’s healing work,” writes Doreen Virtue in her book The Healing Miracles of Archangel Raphael, “comes from his releasing of built-up toxic energies – chiefly, stored anger and unforgiveness.”

In his book Communicating with the Archangel Raphael for Healing and Creativity, Richard Webster writes that, “Because Raphael is associated with air, you can contact him for help whenever you need to separate thought and emotion. He can help you eliminate stress and negative thinking.”

Fear is the opposite of faith. Sometimes people block the healing that Raphael wants to deliver to their spirits, minds, or bodies because they’re bogged down in fear. Virtue writes that people can pray, “Dear God and Archangel Raphael, I want to want a healing. I now fully open my heart and mind to you, and ask that you release any known or unknown fears about being healthy. I fully desire with my free will to be open to receiving your healing miracles.”

Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Raphael inspires people to lift themselves closer to God by making healthy lifestyle choices that reflect how God has designed them to live. The word “inspire” comes from the root “spir” which relates to the air and breathing.

Webster writes that “you can make contact with Raphael anytime you wish by using a variety of breathing techniques.

… Pausing in your daily routine to take several slow, deep breaths is a good way of reducing stress and tension. It also reminds you that Raphael’s influence totally surrounds you, all the time.”

In her book Awakening Spirit: Wise Seminary, First Year Certification for Wiccan Clergy, Belladonna LaVeau writes that Raphael represents the element of air by giving people the wisdom they need to think through the best decisions to make for healthy lives. “Air provides wisdom and intelligence,” she writes. “It is your ability to think and process information. Air is communication, interpretation, mental connections, associations, networking, and evolution. Air is government, diplomacy, tact, planning ahead, and forethought. It is presenting new ideas and resolving conflicts.”

Virtue writes: “Raphael whispers instructions in your inner ear or thoughts, or sends you a message in your mind’s eye or through intuitive feelings. Raphael guides you to take purposeful steps that result in healing.”

Changing to Become More Like God Intends

Air is constantly changing, and the energetic movement of air – wind – shows how God’s creation is a dynamic system. Sometimes God’s spirit shows up in the physical form of wind on Earth.

Whenever people encounter God’s spirit, they’re changed for the better. Raphael acts as a powerful agent of God’s healing work in people’s lives, changing them to become more like the holy people God intends them to be: more loving, wiser, and with a stronger faith in God.

Thomas Aquinas, the patron saint of angels, noted that air plays a key role in angelic missions that involve change: “The air is amongst the elements, the one that most enables transmutation, and is convertible into anything,” he wrote. “… the angels assume bodies of air, condensing it by divine power in so far as is needful for forming the assumed body.”

Sound is a useful tool when praying or meditating for Raphael’s help to make healthy changes in life, writes Webster. “Sound is energy, and the spoken word sends vibrating energy through Raphael’s element of air.

This means that your voice is an effective tool that enhances all communication with Raphael. … Chanting is a powerful way to create psychic and spiritual energy. … Every sound you make is received by the air element. Consequently, every time you sing or hum you are sending a message to Raphael. … Saying prayers out loud also uses your voice.”

Soaring Toward the Right Goals

Just as birds soar through the air, people who have prayed for guidance from Raphael can soar through their lives, confident that they are pursuing the right goals: those that reflect what has eternal value. Raphael lead people toward fulfilling God's purposes for their lives. Those who pursue what matters most are able to accomplish more than they can imagine with God's help delivered through Raphael, and they're also able to live the best, healthiest lives: those that reflect God's will for them.

In The Healing Miracles of Archangel Raphael, Virtue suggests that people pray for Raphael's help without any requests of specific ways in which they would like healing for their bodies, minds, or spirits to occur. That way, they won't be limiting Raphael's ability to deliver God's healing in whatever ways are truly best for them -- which may be ways they don't expect. "The key is to ask for all of the healing details to be handled, yet not tell Heaven how to create this healing effect," she writes.

The air symbolizes boundless freedom, and there are no limits to what people can experience when they're focused on the God-given goals that Raphael has led them to pursue.

Anything is possible with God!

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