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California hair metal band Ratt, like many of their contemporaries, hit it big in the '80s with one single. In their case, it was “Round And Round,” from their 1984 debut album Out Of The Cellar. While the rest of the decade was full of many highs, the '90s would be one of low-points, as the band struggled to remain relevant in a musical environment where grunge ruled the charts. The band got back on its feet in the new millennium and still has a loyal fan base to this date.

Early Days:

Ratt was originally called Mickey Ratt, which had a brief run in the late '70s and included future Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E. Lee in its ranks. In 1982, the band shortened its name to Ratt, and began work on their first EP, which was released by the band in 1983. The EP was well-received and helped Ratt to get a recording contract with Atlantic Records.

Immediate Success:

1984’s Out Of The Cellar would be the band’s breakthrough album, with singles “Round And Round,” “Wanted Man,” and “Back For More” getting airplay on MTV. The band would avoid the sophomore slump on 1985’s Invasion Of Your Privacy, while playing several big gigs, including the 1985 Monsters of Rock festival in Donington, England.

'90s Turmoil:

1990’s Detonator would be a commercial failure for Ratt, as the changing musical landscape leaned more towards grunge. While there were a few singles that charted high, including "Lovin You's a Dirty Job," issues with substance abuse, especially from guitarist Robbin Crosby, hurt the live shows and the band began to fall apart. In 1992, Ratt disbanded, as vocalist Stephen Pearcy left the band to work on his solo projects.


In 1996, talks began of a Ratt reunion with all five original members. Crosby was not brought back due to his ever-increasing drug addiction, and the rest of the band began work on a new album. 1999’s Ratt would aim towards a blues-influenced sound, but was critically maligned. Ratt would go through a rough patch, as Pearcy left again and the line-up constantly changed for a few years. In 2002, Crosby passed away after years of drug abuse.

Reunion, New Album and Another Split:

Pearcy came back into the band in 2006 and Ratt released the album Infestation in 2010 to very positive reviews. However, things didn't last and Pearcy left the band again in 2014, leaving Ratt's future in question.

Current Ratt Band Members:

Stephen Pearcy- Vocals
Warren DeMartini- Guitar
Carlos Cavazo- Guitar
Robbie Crane- Bass
Bobby Blotzer- Drums

Former Band Members:

Jizzy Pearl- Vocals (2000-2006)
Jake E. Lee- Guitar (1980-1981)
Robbin Crosby- Guitar (1982-1992)
Keri Kelli- Guitar (2000)
John Corabi- Guitar (2000-2008)
Juan Croucier- Bass (1982-1992)

Ratt Discography:

1984 Out Of The Cellar (Atlantic)
1985 Invasion Of Your Privacy (Atlantic)
1986 Dancing Undercover (Atlantic)
1988 Reach For The Sky (Atlantic)
1990 Detonator (Atlantic)
1999 Ratt (Portrait)
2010 (Roadrunner)

Recommended Ratt Album:

Out Of The Cellar

Ratt’s debut album is also their most popular one, and a good place to start in the band’s catalogue. Singles “Round And Round” and “Wanted Man” are still considered quintessential songs during Ratt’s live show and the album helped the band to gain instant credibility and recognition in the 80s LA hard rock scene. The rest of the decade would continue the commercial and critical acclaim, but Out Of The Cellar is where it all started.