Raystown Lake: Worth the Wait

Many of the Allegrippis trails overlook the sizeable and stunning Raystown Lake. ©chudo.svetavia Flickr

The History

In May 2009, Raystown Lake opened their Allegrippis Trail system to the public, though the project had been in the works since 2003. While a variety of outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the trails in Hesston, Pa., the network is best experienced on two wheels. That's because the 30-plus miles of singletrack was designed by mountain bikers and built by the International Mountain Bicycling Association.

The Riding

Described by many as part pump track, part mountain bike trail, the Allegrippis trail system is machine built and organized in a "stacked loop" format--meaning riders can tailor the distance and difficulty of their ride. Small, easy loops are located close to trailheads and longer, more difficult loops spur from the easily-accessible trails. Endless combinations of routes can be ridden--both short and long.

Obstacles are few and far between on the Allegrippis trail system, a rarity in central Pennsylvania, which is known for its rocky terrain. Beginners will enjoy the smooth trails and lack of demanding climbs. More advanced riders can pick up the pace for a fast, rhythmic ride on the rolling trails. Believe me when I say: it is possible to ride too fast here. Have fun, but keep your speed in check.

The Rating System

What the Allegrippis trails lack in technical features, they make up for in well-designed and well-marked sustainable trails.

Although they're rated easiest, moderate and most difficult, mountain bikers of any level could safely ride all 30 miles of trails—so long as you ride in control.

Take a Breather

Riding this trail system is so fun, it's easy to forget your surroundings. That's a mistake. Many of the Allegrippis trails overlook the sizeable and stunning Raystown Lake.

So, every once in a while, don't forget to stop and take in the scenery!

Access Points

Access the Allegrippis trails at trailheads along Seven Points Road just past the Seven Points entrance and on Bakers Hollow Road right before the Susquehannock Campground entrance.

Allegrippis Trails Rating Guide

  • Easiest Trails: Buck Trail; Doe Trail; Fawn Trail; Dark Hollow Trail
  • Moderate Trails: Eagle Trail; Osprey Trail; Stony Trail; Dirtsurfer; Shade Trail; Barrel Bay Trail; Sleek Dog Trail; Allie Trail; Grippis Trail; Switch Trail; Ridge Trail; Berry Patch Trail; Red Legs; Loco-Motive Trail
  • Most Difficult Trails: Ray's Revenge Trail; Sidewinder Trail; Hydro Loop; Allegheny Trail


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