RBD. Photo by Rodrigo Varela / WireImage

Members of RBD

  • Alfonso Herrera
  • Christian Chávez
  • Dulce María Saviñon
  • Maite Perroni
  • Anahí Portilla
  • Christopher Uckermann

RBD Emerges From Telenovela Rebelda

RBD is a Mexican group of 3 young men and 3 young women. They came together as actors in the telenovela Rebelde. The telenovela takes place in an elite boarding school attended by adolescent children of wealthy Mexican families. 6 of the characters form a band that extended beyond the show to become one of the most successful Mexican pop bands of all time.

They accomplished the rare feat of breaking into mainstream pop radio in the US with a Spanish language song.

The Sound of RBD

Although RBD's initial recordings are in Spanish, their music incorporates few elements of traditional Latin music. Instead, the band recorded songs that echoed English-language power ballads and arena rock of the 80's.

International Pop Success

RBD's first album, called Rebelde like the telenovela, was released in January, 2005. The album was an instant success in Mexico and spawned 3 #1 hit singles. It also sold well in a number of additional countries including reaching #95 on the US pop album chart. A Portuguese language edition of the album was released in Brazil.

Nuestro Amor

RBD's second album Nuestro Amor was released in October, 2005 only 9 months after their debut. The album set sales records in Mexico and generated another 4 top 10 singles. It reached #88 on the US charts.

Tragedy haunted the group when a woman and her 2 children were trampled to death in a rush for autographs in Sao Paulo, Brazil in February, 2006.

English-Language Success for RBD

In April, 2006, RBD performed their first tour dates in the US. In Nov. One of the songs, "Tu Amor," was released as a single and became the group's first mainstream pop hit single.

It reached the top 30 on mainstream pop radio and climbed into the Billboard Hot 100. The TV series Rebelde which spawned the group came to an end in June 2006.

In late 2006 the group released their third Spanish language studio album Celestial and also their first English language album Rebels. Celestial broke into the top 15 of the US album chart becoming the group's biggest hit in the US. 

Empezar Desde Cero

RBD's fifth studio album Empezar Desde Cero appeared in November 2007. The album included more music written by group members than in the past. "Inalcanzable," the first single from the album, soared into Latin charts reaching #1 at Latin pop radio in the US. The album reached the top of the US Latin Albums chart and went to #1 in both Argentina and Colombia. It was the group's fifth consecutive album to break into the upper half of the overall album chart in the US.


In August 2008 RBD earned a Latin Grammy Award nomination for Best Pop Album with Empezar Desde Cero. It was their second nomination in the category with Nuestro Amor nominated in 2006. Also in August 2008 the group announced they would break up in 2009. Reportedly, it was an amicable decision designed to give more options for group members to pursue solo work.


A final studio album Para Olvidarte de Mi was released in March 2009. The album failed to match the group's previous commercial success reaching only #6 on the US Latin Albums chart.