Radio Controlled Vehicles and Scale

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Radio controlled vehicles are modeled after full-size cars, trucks, boats, and aircraft. The scale of the RC is its size as compared to the real, full-size version. A 1:10 scale Formula 1 Indy car would be 1/10th the size of, or 10 times smaller than the size of the real thing.

Many RC vehicles are made of TLAR, meaning they may not be exact scale models of their full-size counterparts.

Common RC Scales

RC models come in many scales such 1:6, 1:8, 1:10, and 1:12.

Mini-RCs come in much smaller scales including 1:28 and 1:64. Because the scale is relative to the full-size vehicle, two vehicles of the same scale may be vastly different in size to each other. A 1:8 scale sports car is much smaller than a 1:8 Army tank because a full-size sports car is much smaller than a full-size tank.

Generally, when talking about the size or scale of an RC, it is referred to as 1:8 scale (or 1/8th scale). However, the terms scale model, scale RC, or large-scale RC typically describe an RC vehicle that is not only a scaled down version of another vehicle in size, but also an authentic, realistic replica in body styling, paint job, and performance.

Scale Model Slot Cars

In the world of remote control slot cars, the more realistic scale models may be referred to as scale appearing -- designed to closely mimic the appearance of their full-size counterparts. Like radio controlled vehicles, slot cars come in scales from 1:24 down to the small HO scale which would be the equivalent of the tiny 1:64 scale micro RCs.

Radio Control Boat Scales

In the world of radio control boat competitions, there are very specific scale designations for sailing and powerboats. Miniatures outlines model boat scales for all kinds of boat miniatures including radio control engine and scale classes.

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