Reader Reports: Past Life Visions and Dreams

Dreams and future
Photo: Stephen Wagner

Recurring memories, visions, and dreams of specific places are sometimes seen as evidence of past lives. Cynthia believes she has had at least three past lives, two of which she has seen glimpses of in dreams as an adult, and in one rather vivid wide-awake vision she experienced when she was five years old.

“My teacher was reading about the Trail of Tears and I started crying,” reports Cynthia. “I saw myself in the vision as a five-year-old Native American boy.

I was walking with my father in a forest. There was deep snow on the ground. I could feel the cold seeping through my buck skins, shirt, and boots.

“I remembering looking behind me and seeing as far as the eye could see just native people, on horses, in wagons, walking. The elders, women, men, children – some with blankets wrapped around them. I heard myself telling my father that I was cold and so tired. We came to a huge tree and I just dropped to my knees in front of it. Looking up, I could hear my father saying, ‘Please don't die.’ As he shook my shoulders frantically... the vision cut off. I died there.”

Jason’s past life memory comes in the form of a recurring dream of a town – a town he’s never been to in this lifetime. “In these dreams I'm doing different things with different people,” Jason reports, “but it’s always the same houses, schools, people, kids, streets, etc. To get there I take the same dirt road which leads to a factory just on the edge of town.

I always pass the same three-story, old wooden house on the way, and a small patch of houses and three buildings just off of the dirt road.

“I don't recall names or a certain type of speech, but I can remember all the places very vividly and in great detail. The time period on the road seems to be the 1950s or earlier, but the town seems to maybe be the 1970s.

I can remember a bike store and a mall. The mall is newer and fancy. The buildings are brick and seem old. And there are always kids in my dreams.”

I, too, have recurring dreams of a place I have never been to – an unnamed city. I am waking down the street of this city with very few people around. On one corner I am passing is a small store, where they sell candy and magazines. Sometimes I go into this store.

The destination always in the dreams, however, is further down the street on the next block. Inside a certain building there is a basement level where there is a bar / restaurant. Often I meet people there, and there is one girl in particular that I talk to. And I always think that on another night I have to go to there and talk to her again.

I’m not claiming this is a past life memory, but I am curious about why I have these recurring dreams about this same place, where it is – and what it all means.